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Elegy to a plum tree

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Preamble: it took the death of a friend to push me into at last trying free verse, and quite frankly it makes me nervous.

Decades proud

You were of this land long before the moving bone-bags appeared

claiming paper-thin possession.

Still, generous to a fault, you shared the profits of your growth.

I wonder how many generations you trained

in the art of pick-your-own?

Lips on g...

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Silly dove

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Pecking and struggling,
movements so frantic.
One piece too taxing,
the other not worth it. 

So hard work you pick
devoting all your strength 
to the oh so desired bit
as it avoids your attempts.

Until finally,
exhaustion and discontent
are what you're left with.

Stupid thing.
Instead of practicing yourself in modesty,
choosing the more compatible.

Disappontedly, you spread y...

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kill me.

entry picture

Pain in my stomach, heart, mind,
stabs of a knife 
I yearn for this piercing pain 
I've lacked it far too long.

Ungrateful love:
Punch me, hurt me, kill me almost.


so later
when the rain has ceased
a flower can bloom again
a new blossom
the same plant

Revive me, ungrateful love
Make me another

Kill me.

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