Spirit Animal


I can feel all of you writhing together

Pooling your heat

You are hot wires running through me

Electric as you cover

Your thin bodies wrapping themselves tightly

racing like  wind to a wildfire

You are covering me in flame


Dangerous animals are fleeing these woods

as you turn figure eights

creating paths of orange and red

trails of yellow to black to ash


Heat escapes me as my temperature is rising


All my rusty pieces are melting down

Cauterizing forgotten wounds

Words I never had the courage to say

You are showing me how to shed my illusions

My limitation are falling to the wind like the cherry blossoms 


You are whispering to me

I hear you in a hiss


A kiss


A wave


A caress


Letting me know that now is time to let go

Time to open up both hands

for there is nothing left worth holding on to

except for myself


Theses walls I have built are melting

and I have outgrown this skin


I am shedding fear like all the years of lost lovers

that have forever slipped from these hand sewn covers


I am dancing past bodily sensations

No longer mortal,

for I have tasted death,

birth and again death


So I am bridging the gap between this world and that


I can not go back

I am forever changed




 but still I remain

Eyes open

Scales transparent

I can see through you

Your heart beating

A ruby gem the size of a fist


My hand no longer needs to be a fist


My mind is open

I am invisible


I am close to the ground

Linked to the underworld

I hear every footstep

Every sound

I am the guardian of sacred spaces

the keeper of hidden knowledge

I take shape, I have many forms

I am the messenger

Elusive and uncontainable

I am balancing on both feet

Patiently, I will wait.


For we have much work to do

 and you must be ready.

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Gus Jonsson

Tue 17th Apr 2012 23:36

This poem drums, shouts and sings

This is wonderful and powerful piece.

very well done, I like it.

Gus x

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Rachel Bond

Tue 17th Apr 2012 23:13

polar bear eh? the only death i would accept as fair play really would be a slap accross the face by a polar bear. im sticking with that although do not wish to engage in bitch fighting with you ;)

mine are raven and deer.i like wolves.i would rather have a wolf than a boyfriend but they are both a bit high maintenance.
im an ox in chinese and year of buffalo by the natives. i AM a bit of a cow at times.

something about hares too and a blood connection with boudica herself...i love this stuff x

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Laura Taylor

Fri 13th Apr 2012 09:29

for I have tasted death,
birth and again death

My hand no longer needs to be a fist

Yes - great lines

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Fri 13th Apr 2012 00:11

BT, this is quality. I like the way you flow this. it works well and it is a way of writing that i wish i could do better. Nice one.

Keep posting.


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Barbi Touron

Thu 12th Apr 2012 17:43

Thanks Rachel, me too, I'm working on it, it's hard because my other spirit animal is a polar bear, so the fire and ice thingy is a bit tricky. thanks for reading. x

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Rachel Bond

Thu 12th Apr 2012 15:38

oo really like this.

i liked to think that in the ending the subject becomes a shapeshifting serpent

passing through the overgrowth of lifes phases to the underbelly of a form that seeks to destroy with stealth. a snakey hiss in a kiss, wave caress revenges on still living lovers x

some great earthy descriptions which i love, naturally x

still appreciating your talent x

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