Joan of Arc

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(part 1)
Loud, brash, sweet thing
Bring me some water to wet my whistle
For you
Love only lasts ten minutes at a time
Only this time
The time is mine
So go on over
Lay it down
Cause all your cards ain't showin
And my hands are full
I'll drop this heavy load
When words spill soft and free
Meaning what they should
We can play out this hand,
But, your bets aren't high enough
And I’m burning at the stake
(part 2)
I can’t give
 without giving it all
And you can’t get what you want
 without the bu, bu, buts
Or the this and that
So you better think quick
Baby, better buck up,
Cause this ain’t no free sample,
You want to taste this treat
You’d better buy the box.
And there ain’t no coupons
So you can take your chances and double down
Or turn…. those straight legged jeans
Back the fuck around
Tisk, tisk
You move to fast.
(part 3)
Love lay where you may
Cause right now
 I can’t stop looking you up and down
Taking every opportunity for pass by ass grabs
 in sunlit spring spots.
This season has a welcoming grip
But as we both know
Seasons only last so long
Before the bitter heat becomes too much
And breathing is much harder than you’d think
At this altitude sounds move swiftly to ears and eyes
Here we need to be covert
So Cover up now baby
Be soft
(part 4)
Baby blue
You got to many knots to remember
tied to tightly to your fingers
A fist full of Ribbon bowed love affairs
But let’s just clear the air
Get your self another glass of whiskey
And wipe that memory clean
For tonight is new
And I’m a new born baby
with no where’s to be
(part 5)
Let’s just kiss and cough until
sore throats pull us under silken sheets
and good night kisses ripen us a new illness
For that is all we have to offer or offend
My dear dark eyed friend
Tell me all about your true love
As my hand slowly drifts below this southern belt
where religion is no where to be seen

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