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Makes You Angry

All I need is you

And low natural light infiltrating the room


We often play pretend in our minds and while we think

We think lightly of our due dates, more if we’re on time


I know I missed one day and saw the grass turn gray

And though the sun still shined through the clouds that May

I never could forgive myself for missing your day

But I saw a lot of beauty for you ...

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#3 (sister mine)



Sister mine.

A perfect

spite-jewelled child.


Eyes and smokes

rolled, over

our shared veins.


Frayed but firm,

trapping us

in warm blood.

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Father's Day

When the crushing dark ice was enclosing

And the horizon a terrible sight.

Who spoke the warm words, to comfort me at night?


When isolation became overwhelming

And there was nowhere left to hide. 

How silent were the voices, that could have asked me inside?


When so desperate was desperation

And faith withering dry on the vine.

How closed were the arms, that could ...

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1.0 Love


Just look at you go, 
Version 2.0,
an upgrade and that's no mistake.
I know we've both advanced
we’ve progressed, we're enhanced
but here's an EULA I will not break.
I'll watch the ports at your back
guard against cyber-attack
I swear by my serial key that's no fake!
Even with my mode set to stressed,
by my code, I'm impressed
to find how feature-rich a brother, you might make.


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I know Amaa,

You taught me, how to love?

When you take care of me,

When I was a small child.


I know Amaa,

You taught me, how to make sacrifices?

When I ate and you don't

When there was no grain at home.


I know Amaa.

You taught me, how to read and write?

When you compels me every evening,

To write my name, when I ...

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