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A Woodcutter And The Fairy

Story of a woodcutter who visits a forest,

To cut the wood for him whichever is best,

A family of five that he has to feed,

This story is obviously about his greed,

And the fruit that he bore off that seed.


While cutting the branches of a pine tree,

His axe fell in the stream which he couldn’t see,

He searched for it everywhere but all in vain,

He wailed for some time ...

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fairy story

Cycle Of The Scarecrow

expanded version of the blog I posted a few days ago - this time covering all four seasons.



Cycle Of The Scarecrow


A Scarecrow Dreams Of Living


A scarecrow in autumnal sheen

thinks of all that he has been.

His age old frame begins to lean

as bitter winds blow in, so keen.

He longs for days of evergreen,

so buys back time, wipes the slate c...

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