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Lady Porcelain Kindness

Lady Porcelain Kindness


A lady with clear pale skin, few blemishes

mar her daily perfection, playing a flawless part

in her sharp European presence.


Inclining her head like a brisk marching soldier

into First Year lecture theatres, she convinces

the boys of the glittering sincerity

of her blue, blue eyes. Somehow wise

beyond her twenty-four years,

she does joie...

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To Remain


Look, I like having legal rights; to be a citizen not just a subject,
but I’m not without doubts about this great European project.
No, I don’t fear drowning in seas of asylum seekers some’d prefer out of my backyard
but the far right’s rise darkens my night skies and I find some truths really are quite hard.
Yes, the status quo is twisted so some not so nice people do too well off it,

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