Sin by Sin


living sin by sin
the worst shadows are those I feel
sweepng my brow when eyes are squeezed,
brushing my diastolic dreams
when umbral curve eclipses my hold and
pries it from the highest wires all that bears
my worth, in such slow regard, recedes
and as I fall the angle is that Jesus saves,
this thrift expains the reason then he leaves
so many poor, but while  the urge to empty my pockets is strong
my arms are just along for the ride too short
by a half squared so let the evidence
suggest these angels shave where dayight fears to tread
I can feel the wind roll my tongue over broken teeth
and taste the direction of whistling skin
as Herman talks of German trucks
and pancake murdered cherries
I know the sweetest girls lie west of The Wash,
I could show you every hole
replicant, simulacra
I have no empathy with the contents of my plate
let it moo, baa, neigh even let it have
a pretty face,
all is prey
as am I in this battle for my tenement insides
or so my left eye lied with it’s
chimeral spray the ruptured host
for retinal ghosts deep in their
worm warmed casts
but forgive me if I alarm you , join me, sit
we’ll drink coffee by the pot,
with no need for crocks, and burn our lips
so that when we kiss they fuse in healing
that would be nice, nicer still if you’d agreed
before your lights went out
I will practice reading
I will practice breathing
I will breath for both of us now
things always take a turn for the worse
when I try to write in coupled verse


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