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He knocked at the door

Shouting ‘let me in!’

Tempting us to go out

With his whisky and gin

He hid around corners

Under tables and chairs

Trying his best

To catch us unawares


He was sitting on benches

Where others had sat

He was on garden fences

Where we’d stop for a chat

He was hanging around

Tesco trolly parks

He was all over door handles

Leaving invisible marks


He was sat on our dustbin

Sat in our chairs

Fondling our apples

Bananas and pears

He coughed when we passed him

Out in the street

He offers his hand

To shake when we greet


This devil’s invisible

Nothing but mist

He would stay on my lips

If we ever kissed

He has a bad name

Never uttered round here

Where everyone hides

From him cloistered in fear


But every devil I’ve known

Can be beat

And this one’s no different

And he will not cheat

His own death when it comes

And believe me it will.

Salvation is coming

On over the hill

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