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Space Happy

there is a seat I mark my happy place
and ever I can use this throne of poise
much like the stool inside my reading room
but rather know this chair is like a broom

a broom, how can one rest upon a broom?
for surely, I  must jest to say a broom
a tale of witches clearly does explain
for witches seat a broom much like a plane

my happy place is not an earthly space
but rather see it as a...

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childs imagination

The World

The beings in this world, are so different,
Some own many houses, some struggle to even rent.

Oh, such beautiful animals on this planet!
Such wonders you will never forget,
some tall, some stubby.
Some skinny and small,some plump and chubby!

Oh this world, is filled with wonder
Up, up high, and deep, deep under!

When its winter, cold winds blow,
In monsoon, the rivers overflow.


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If I was ...

If I was a princess, of a faraway land,
Oh, how I would love to order and demand!

If I was a president of a very fancy club,
As a pet I would have a zebra colt and lion cub.

If I was the leader of a well known rescue team,
so many times I would've ridden a submarine.

If I was the owner of a restaurant so famous,
I would be rich enough to own a personal train and bus.

But I have to ...

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Story Time

The sun had set at its usual hour

bringing excitement for a new found desire

of a book of mischeif or maybe magical power


we ran to the couch with an eager thrill

and daddy read as we listened still

as we hung to every suprising and unexpected word with will


Witches and forests that were frozen

to adventerous journeys unchosen


each word that was read

had d...

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All Hallows Eve

All Hallows Eve


Gnarled tree roots claw from the ground

scratching over disturbed graves.

Pumpkins grin their toothless snarl,

fleshy tongues of seed and fibre.

The spectral drift of chilling mist

that prods and pokes at exposed flesh.

Somewhere a creature of the night

mewls in whimpering ecstasy


Dank leaves of autumn line the paths

as little ...

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