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The Cellars Of Your Heart

I stayed put, you moved on

With not a backward glance,

Its cold and dark down here

Hearing your merry dance


I'm in limbo now, forgotten

My spirit unable to restart

Trapped and left for dead

In the cellars of your heart


This place has other ghosts

Chains clanking like mine

Brooding sadly about how

You must be doing so fine


We're so near yet so far ...

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Concrete and Bunting

It was 1960

Only fifteen years after the War ended

(Though we did'nt know it) and the

Prevailing dogma, a brave new world meant

Knocking down brick terraces

(Often quite servicable)

To build ten-storey flats.

Kids like us played in derelict houses

Door-less and

Stripped of copper and roof-slates their

Dank stone cellars exciting with

What today they call memorabili...

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