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the accident

party in the backseat drunk and having fun

couldnt comprehend the spinning and then i was stunned

everyone was screaming, i heard the tires squeal

when the car started flippig, i thought it was a done deal

my head hit the celing, the window in shards

abrasions on my head and thighs left me bruised and scarred

pelvis in pieces, fractures in my back

pulled out of the car and all...

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squash head

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Squash Head


You drive your Mini in mad rush hour traffic

dodging buses like a pinball.

Thinking your 3-inch steel bullbars

will be strong enough to protect you.

Okay, wrong turn! Hit a wagon and see you burn

as Mini explodes and you die very badly.

Your Mini totalled in your crazy gamble but your

3-inch bullbars are still nice and shiny,

my squash hea...

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poems i read at Rochdale town hall march29

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Not quite sure why your death affected me so much Lynette.                                                     

Left me very upset when I found out.                                                                                              

I'd just been to Tesco’s at Greenfield for Naomi.                                                                   ...

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Sat in the back of a car – Mini Metro or Chevrolet Matiz –

just waiting for the crash. My crash part of our crash.

Pulping my flesh, tearing skin, crushing bones.

Severing my head as my unbroken left arm twitches –

nerve ending! At my eyes’ last sight.

Mini Metro comes to rest on its side, petrol pools and burns.

Other car gen...

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