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Einstein's mind had depth, Kepler's too

Alchemists once swung on the gallows

Scientists long suffered for anything new

There's little of note in the shallows


Into the shallows you dragged me

Barely enough water to cover my gills

Once I swam free in the open sea

Now its a murderous battle of wills


You keep me indoors out of daylight

To the neighbours I'm a stran...

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It's not your fault
Nor mine either
Just our time wasnt right
We had our own fight

Could I ever understand 
What love means to be?
Could you ever realize
That I wasnt meant to be

I am covered under a veneer
That's looks lovely and clear
But underneath is a dying soul
Which is engulfed in a black hole

Dont head for destruction
Give it up and live a new passion
It's only a black ...

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