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The Black voice is electrifying.


Bringing forth worlds never imagined,

From dominions in Africa to mystical spheres unheard of.

Telling tales of majestic beings, kings, queens and the simple Black girl next door.


The Black voice. Telling Black stories.


We need Black literature because it shows

That our stories matter.

That our histories are worth sharing.


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Criticized, Plagiarized, Ostracized, … Still, we are Here!

Survivors, Overcomers, … Strength to Persevere!

But we’ll settle with Equality, Transparency and a system that’s Fair!

No More… No longer... We won’t accept despair!

We’re not playing games, and we have no more fear!

We’ll March... We’ll Riot... and We’ll tear down your town’s square!

Black Lives Matter!

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evolutionary kindergarten

from birth to death

sole goal - survival - food shelter procreation

physical packaging – noses eyes skin size

adaptive to given environments

polar tropical temperate mountains jungles deserts

group isolation for long ages

but erratic climates shifted tectonic plates drifted

peoples migrated

and mixed


through long ages

the strong the crafty c...

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black history month and cultural diversity

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