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Dark night black four legged creature 

Sparkling stars your eyes such feature


Elegantly ruthless hunter by nature

Sharp claws and teeth

Trusted structure 


Ears they point to the sky


Short straight hair

No tangles


Perfectionism to perfection 

Grooming essential 

Deep and moving thoughts 

Undiscovered potential 


You chose me 


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no hairy lip has she or wrinkle

a far cry from ancient crones

her skin as smooth as marble

sweet melodies in her moans


black cats are always a clue

in the house hers does roam

its carbon eyes following me

at its muzzle flecks of foam


waking last night in terror

to the Devil she's chanting

buck naked and sweating

my blood she's decanting


her eyes h...

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A Christmas Cat

Cool cat sat on the cold snow.

Coal black cat, Cheshire Cat grin,

Looking up to see within.

White flakes floating down, carpeting, covering all around.

Snow can cover such a multitude of sins.


Cool cat sat on the white mat,

Softly he began to hum a song.

He though of his lost love long gone

Over the seas to nonsense land.

There no snow but always winter,


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