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The Barge

It’ll take 500.

in cabins with twin bunks

It’s not a Cunard liner

No need to bring your trunks

There is no captain’s table

Nor cocktails on the deck

No space for any loungers

On this brutal prefab wreck

It’s a worry for the fire brigade

Whose natural concern

Is how to evacuate the inmates

Should it ignite, and burn

Did I say inmates? A Freudian slip

But this ...

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Just Some body (a child refugee)

I heard the shots, I did

And my siblings being dragged screaming

Out the door


My father ran, carrying me like a football

Up into the hills and miles away

Terror in his eyes “Which way now?”


Into the truck, freezing at night

Dumped on the shore

There was no need to ask

“Are they coming too?”

As I knew…

They were no more


The boat with a hu...

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refugeeasylum seeker

Border Spectacle

Great Britain is being (choose one or more):

invaded / stormed / assisted / visited / colonised / seen as a safe haven

by another:

fleeing group / flood / hurricane / astronomical number / vulnerable gathering / economically motivated gang


asylum seekers / Illegals / migrants / refugees / criminals & rapists / displaced people

hailing from:

Europe / Africa / Middle East /...

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The Asylum Seeker

I don't know Harry,

This one's a rare bird and

No mistake,

Just how did he get in and

Where are his papers?

If he's an asylum-seeker, what is it he's


As a rule that lot keep their heads down but this one's

Roaming the country

In broad daylight

As if he owned the place

Flouting the lock-down rules too and

Costing the tax-payer a fortune.

Tell me this ...

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