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A Bohemian Journey

So many nights I have rested beneath the unnerved sky,
plucking the strings of a lyre.
Sacrificed made decisions to be free-spirited.
I'm living the life of a Bohemian
a man,
comforted by desires and serenity
just like a canvas invites paint to a dance.

Red wine spices my tongue
feeling the essence as I swallow.
Wiping the discoloured effect from my lips.

Strewn grass caresses my feet

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Time is infinite now
music carries the essence 
of a soul like an echo inside
repeating rhythmically 
drumming through history 
thud thud thud comes the love 
blue red is my blood
blue was the colour 
I caught from above

like a train in my brain 
acid rain stains colour 
reclaims the lights flash 
either side a fairground ride 
alive inside my mind 
feels always like 
I'm crashing i...

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artist musingsInfinitymusictime

mood of the artist

art from the heart

the beauty of landscape

laid bare

to see

revealing fear

shed the bones

of mind


and the flesh of magic heals

comedy of terror steals

the embrace of

silent noise

swimming in colour

we pluck 

from the tree of other


hands moving in time

to the song of whim

and transpires manifest

giving birth to origin

of now

and the...

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