Celebrate: Anne Marie Hurst

Celebrate: Anne Marie Hurst

It was back in 09 and I was on the computer.

I had Ghost Dance on the decks, full volume.

I looked on Facebook to see her fan sites.

It was a wonderful shock!

Anne Marie Hurst was doing a gig!

I had the chance to see one of my musical heroines live!

And hear her Ghost Dance and Skeletal Family songs.

Imagine that, 80s Goth live.

I got a ticket and took the bus to see her.

Her gig was at The Gasworks in Bradford.

I got the chance to meet Anne Marie.

She’s a lovely West Yorkshire lass.

Beautiful, tattooed, gothic and a real lady.

I gave her a copy of my book,

“A Nation in Flames” and had my photo taken with her.

Her autograph is tattooed on my arm.

I was right at the front and had a wicked time,

A sprained wrist and bruises galore, my gig wounds.

Anne Marie’s songs stay with me.

I may ‘Cry Alone’ but I’m ‘So Sure’ and I certainly ‘Celebrate’

My fave English gothic singer.

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