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Life Race

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You should plan to keep going 
whatever you meet .. whatever you face 
The only thing to be growing 
Never to fallback in the race 


Be aware to wear patience hat 
Remove the hat of desperation 
Keep energy for acts no chat 
No goals achieved in quotation 


Always to ask what you need 
To get ready helping people 
Same as you eat you must feed 
To win the race you shoul...

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The purple play

The play has just ended,
the curtain dropped
and the applause ceased.
One after the other we get
out of the blue theatre
of this crowded evening.
Everybody will remember
a different story to tell,
according to the seat
of their own
point of view.
And all of us will forget

something: a character,
a cue, the colour of a voice
or the notes in a gesture
we didn’t listen ...

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