The purple play

The play has just ended,
the curtain dropped
and the applause ceased.
One after the other we get
out of the blue theatre
of this crowded evening.
Everybody will remember
a different story to tell,
according to the seat
of their own
point of view.
And all of us will forget

something: a character,
a cue, the colour of a voice
or the notes in a gesture
we didn’t listen to.
Maybe someone will even
forget every scene
that happened inside,
lost forever in the purple
flow of its acts.





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<Deleted User> (11835)

Tue 4th Feb 2014 18:51

I love this. Need I say more...

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Carla Tombacco

Mon 18th Feb 2013 23:00

Hi Cynthia, thanks for your comment. As a matter of fact this text on memories and oblivion is very recent and I'm going to work on it, trying to improve some lines, if I can... Maybe it results a little experimental and bizarre at the first readings. Or maybe it simply sucks :-)! Yet the "sprung" effects as well as the enjambements are intentional. I often use (also in Italian) lexical or semantic deviation as poetic licence (the "foregrounded figure" with the language on the background), verbs normally not related to a subject or an objet (like "listen to a gesture" "the seat of the point of view" or similar) and so on. But I' m not a native speaker of English, though I love this language, so your advice is always very precious to me. I agree with you, originality is important. Everybody should tell his or her own soul and not someone else's.

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Mon 18th Feb 2013 13:37

Carla, this is interesting. To be honest, as I was reading, I found myself skipping words, rearranging them even, digging for the 'meat' of your ideas, because this subject and your take on it really is interesting. It's a thought - perhaps you could edit it down to a shorter, stronger piece. Only my opinion, and always with respect. English may be your 4th 0r 5th language! Keep writing. It's original ideas that count the most.

'purple' seems to be back in vogue again; it makes regular cycles, although no one ever clearly defines its attraction.

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