Sphinx round the corner

Two golden buttons
in a grey silk cloud,
tiny suns over threads
and dances of leaves.
She went out forever
that summer afternoon
which drowned its light blue
fire in the dark pond.
When she disappeared
round the corner,
looking for a fresh pallet
of ivy and moss
where her old eyes
could rest at last,
to put on two stones
smoothed by the morning
dew. Small sphinx,...

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The purple play

The play has just ended,
the curtain dropped
and the applause ceased.
One after the other we get
out of the blue theatre
of this crowded evening.
Everybody will remember
a different story to tell,
according to the seat
of their own
point of view.
And all of us will forget

something: a character,
a cue, the colour of a voice
or the notes in a gesture
we didn’t list...

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Across the sea

The wind that blows
in a breath of time
has no borders,
as it sings new ways
like flickering waves
across the sea.

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In the maze

Time gets lost
in the maze
between one day
and the other,
among the skeins
of our hearts
to untangle.


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Every new dawn

Every new dawn brought you
a glass of sea in a knot
of salt, which squeezed
your breath while you sang
to make the unbridled fear
fall asleep in a whisper.
And we know the distance
bled  on that shore of hardships
by your trembling steps.
When the bread was crumbled
into nothing by the fangs
of war, which eat and kill
at the same time.
But in the secret shelter
of th...

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