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Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

February 14th is Valentine's Day 
So a poem I thought I would write,
To explain about love and how to find
Mister or Mrs Right.

For some, love happens instantly 
After meeting for the first time,
Heart skips a beat, butterfly effect
These feelings inside! Oh sublime.

But let's take a moment to ponder
About love and Valentine's Day,
A day when you show your true fee...

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Valentine's DayValentine poemValentine

Chalk Initials

Love is in the air forecasters say
at first blush, be that as it may
chalk initials in handpicked tins invoke remembrance by paving ways
palms supine scribed with written in lines tie sanskrit signs
significance is found in the now
springs and gears ticking time
as faeries grant blessings shifting through a lovers parade

Concurrent reminiscence written on akashic pages taking turn
Books ...

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Happy Valentine's!


It's such a happy homely brand,

such a loving hand to hold.

Nothing says "forced adoration" quite the same

as an overpriced printed bit of Hallmark card.


Though I came in drunk last night

and all we've done is fight,

and we haven't actually spoken for a week,

this greeting card's designed to wipe out

all the battle lines and it's guaranteed

an armistice today.


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Valentine poemvalentines day

Modern Valentine

The world has changed.
In the comfort of my living room
Like an Amazon order, my modern Valentine was there,
available. Delivery in business 3 days.

The blue background of his profile picture
Replaced the romance underneath the blue skies
Which is fine.
We don`t get much of those in London anyway.

There were no whispers of love or lust
We exchanged bits and clicks.

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loveValentine poem

Lip service

Lip Service 


It’s hard being alone

at least for me 

I see folks kissing with promise 

smiling with dignity 


love drunk 


cupids arrow is dull

for the most part 

it’s not real 

maybe your elders have stuck it out 

your folks are worn and torn 

a scar 

treated with cheap topical cream 

lip service  


the fear of embarrassm...

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Plain Man's Valentine

By Frank Jaye


You’ll get no Valentine from me; I’m not the type,

Pallid daffodils prematurely delivered – all that transatlantic hype.

I am not easy with love, be it concept, verb or noun,

My sentiments are more mundane and wear a plainer crown,

Embellished with affection, encouragement, respect not least,

You moderate my temper, rising still like yeast.


Maturity has...

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Valentine poem

I'm to leave now


By: Ali Taha Alnobani

I'm to leave now

A tall ghost is carrying my bag

A long street is walking behind me

A mad merchant bought my smiles

And no water to renew the dusk

I can't have my step begun

Even if the rain washed my tears


I'm to leave now

Can I have a deep look at your eyes?

Can I take my dreams, your smile

And my dried red rose?


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You Are....


You are the ivy 
That   invaded and muffled my walls.
You are the distance between you and me 
Measured in tears.
You are the buttons on my coat
That fasten me in to keep me warm. 
You are  the comfort  food
That  I desire in copious amounts. 
You are the journey
That I am ready and willing to take.

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Valentine poemJohnny Depp xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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