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Dead Man



(Dialogue kicks in after first few bars)


Through a tunnel carved in dead mens bones

the living went to hell

the stoker fed the flaming mouth

as the hammer struck its knell


The landscape flattened beneath the plain

its rivers turned to dust

strange tepees ripped ragged by blackened rain

sit fragile on the crust


Passengers cling to souls long sold


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Dead ManJim JarmuschNeil YoungStuff

I'm going to miss you

entry picture


I was chasing mercury spheres across a tray

when I first saw you,

trying to draw them into a syringe.


Contemplating how a layman might best get them into

a bloodstream.

We shook hands and went for coffee in the atrium.


You briefly outlined your career path,

and we chatted combatively

about breaching recently enhanced security measures. 


In China we fe...

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I see you everywhere

entry picture


The cloud is sketched on sky-blue cloth

dappled like newly dead flesh,

darker violets and purples fill dimming gaps

as sun-rays pool in fading light. 


I remember your face swollen against stone,

black with blood which stained the rock,

how does this vision of beauty now,

pull such bitter memory from me?


that here in England,

I see your face, projected upon...

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entry picture


The delivery system avoided attention

abiding by rules laid down in convention,

but what stifled their breath and took it away

was the invisible death ingested that day.


The media pictures of a spluttering end

flashed round the globe designed to offend,

and something so small that the eye couldn't see

awakened a monster in the land of the free. 


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Straddled across a chemical conundrum

she bounced, then bounced some more,

a mark of miserable failure

when practised by a whore.


And he,

with flaccid dangle

is distracted by his work,

and cannot his life untangle,

he’d be wiser just to jerk.


Two addicts

writhing in desire,

with each, their separate goal

both believing that they aspire

whilst disapp...

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Epitaph on an Army of remote experts

entry picture

These, in the day when others were falling,

the hour when their foundations fled,

followed their social media calling,

to believe in lies, maliciously spread.


Their fingers held the lies suspended;

they typed, and online kingdoms stay;

what sense abandoned, these defended

to save fuck all, then run away.


(Homage to A.E. Housman)


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Social mediastufftroglodytes

My Heart Is A Level Crossing

Does your heart stop
when confronted by beauty

Out walking on an autumn evening
a train intersects the low setting sun
crossing a bridge over the swollen river
our worlds' perfection is exposed 
so clearly

And my heart stops
like a level crossing
my heart stops
in that moment

I take a breath
a deeper breath
reeling in that moment
let the beauty in

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