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The Girl I Sold My Horse For

rambling wide was what I did

saloons and bars near and far,

winds alive behind my back

horizons lit by a guiding star


I never thought much different

till she caught my horse's rein,

she taught me to settle down,

didn't need my horse's mane


she's sassy and bright and clever

I grew to love the kegs she wore,

she's the mother of my kid now

she's the girl I s...

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Why I went back

Why I went back 

A posthumous poem in the voice of Walter Tull – 28.04.1888 to 25.03.1918


Until you’ve been under fire

hunkered down in some funk hole

you’ll never know terror, the horror

or the damage to the soul

that just one barrage can do,

before you ever hear the whistle’s blast

that, sadly it’s true

for all too many,

signals this’ll be your last.



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