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One Day

One Day

On no day in particular

You arose with ease renewed

The dark veil had lifted from your mind 

Pulled softly like so many cob webs 

Suddenly the rain stopped pouring so heavily and turned to a comforting drizzle kissed with a warm breeze

The sun no longer bore down so hatefully 

Instead gently caressed your face soothing 

And existence seemed to lean in and whisper, "...

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February 2022 Collage Poem: Relief from the Darkness


Wallowing in darkness like warthogs in a pool

Horrendous December in the Gym

Under my duvet a donut prods my lust.

Outside the ambulance carries the lost prophet Susan

Through the slashing rain.


Channelling memories that everybody liked

More than joy, joyriding with sweaty socks leaving

A pile of charcoaled grief.


Grim and grimmer walked away 

Without a gl...

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