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One Love

One people. One voice. One Love....
United as a city, we rise above the hate.
Because these are the bricks that we built.
A labour of love. And it’s the workers’ hands
That make them great.
From the beating heart of Albert Square,
The vessel of music takes us everywhere.
It owns a bucket hat and Adidas footwear.
You can feel it alive in the streets, in the air.
Indie music. Madchester. No...

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Natalie. Forsaken .

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Natalie. Forsaken 
What They did to Nat's three friends was terrible. Abducted by the authorities in the middle of the night, taken against their will and ending their young existence. Hours of torture to get any info, put onto a plane and then... 
Filipe was lying in his mother's arms. A caring embrace. No bond was stronger than a mother's and her child. Especially Catholic...

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