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January Collage poem (Remove filter)

January 2024 Collage Poem: New Lines

Still on the theme of fast trains

And eternal eagles

Welcome to the nasty party

Mutiny is in the making


Easter eggs crush the Christmas decorations

in the days of the New Year. But where

is the hidden message – the missing girl.


OCD rascals play havoc with my pegs

In the blowy greyness we can say anything is true


Window wind is it forever lost?

Blown bl...

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January Collage poemNew LinesStockport WOL

January 2021 College poem: Moments of Sunlight

Atlas got lost when the wind blew his A-Z into the hurricane.

From caterpillars to butterflies --- hopefully we will all finally
Emerge from Covid's chrysalis-like grip.

Tapping on the door where a poet once lived changing
The meaning from a haiku to a sonnet in seconds
Fire melts her best form on this damp summer day
The three men, lost inside, drinking coffee until the dawn
And the ne...

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2021January Collage poemMoments of Sunlight

January 2016 Collage Poem: The End of the World


The closest I could find

to the end of the world


Pleasing package

under a crumbling roof


Reach for the magic button


Silent and bitter protest

with only one wish

no school


A chocolate mouth that's warm as wet


Hurting like Hell

Just a tearaway


Distant star, our world that ended.



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January Collage poemend of the worldarmageddon

January Collage Poem: Beginnings and Exits


Mothers of sons dream troubled dreams

of blowing leaves and anniversaries.

Give me an energetic brush every time


it smells like winter, trees sigh softly

and nature floats my boat. Red and gold

leaves scurry along in the force


the pungence of words strong enough

to sting the nostrils, sweet enough

to bless the ears


glamour in fleece and recognition


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January Collage poemCollage PoemStockport WOL

Recycled Prophesies (January 2013 Collage Poem)


Recycled memories

Fall like snow


Smothered across

Degrees of memories


Bits of paper flutter

Along the pavement


Get to work, boy!


I would like to wish you all

A really nice, safe new year


Taking stock of empty boxes

Mrs Browne is a mean old witch.




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StockportJanuary Collage poem

January Write Out Loud Collage Poem

Tonight is the night

These boots are made for show


Written by an indignant hand,

More dignified than mine


Thin as wire, quick as fire

Quick as swallows backward in the night


A peacution freeze

In the midnight breeze


And to that wretched end,

We sold our souls


New beginnings, novel readings

Mindless mercies



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January Collage poem

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