The Ghost in My Car

The Ghost in my Car




I sometimes find my Dad sitting next to me in my car

Not exactly him but some likeness, a ghost from afar.

I can’t exactly see him clear

But either way it’s nice to have him near


I’ll tell him stuff about my life

And he nods and makes positive sounds

I can’t exactly hear him

But either way it’s nice to have him around


I glance over towards him

When we’re stopped at the traffic lights

I don’t exactly know why

I can’t really see him, sometimes he’s in the back, just out of sight.


Anyhow, its really a thrill to find my dad sitting next to me in my car

Maybe it’s his spirit or even just a trick of light

I don’t exactly know the answer

But I swear he smiles back when I say, goodnight Dad, everything’s all right.




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Steve Higgins

Mon 3rd Apr 2023 10:08

Thanks to all for your kind comments. Much appreciated although after all, we all love our fathers

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Sun 2nd Apr 2023 13:00

I love this, great writing.

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John Coopey

Sun 2nd Apr 2023 10:45

I know the feeling, Steve.

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Stephen Gospage

Sun 2nd Apr 2023 08:32

A genuinely moving poem, Steve.

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Sun 2nd Apr 2023 02:59

Really lovely and so sweet!

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