It Doesn't Matter Anyway

It doesn’t matter anyway

That something went unseen today.

Everything fades away.


It doesn’t matter anyway

That coastal waters washed away

Our footprints in the sandy bay

That yesterday the sun was warm

And the boy next door played on the lawn


It doesn’t matter anyway

That much to my dismay

My bicycle was stolen whilst I was away

And last night our neighbour died in her sleep

She would have been seventy nine today


It doesn’t matter anyway

The day before it rained

And when our newspaper was delivered

Some of the pages were stained

The paperboy’s bag was leaking, he explained


It doesn’t matter anyway

That evil men take human lives

And that innocent people are the first to die

So perhaps it’s time to think about the things that matter

Even the smallest things that pass us by . .


It matters, it matters in every way

That something went unseen today

Nothing fades away.




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Sun 5th Jul 2020 10:55

Very true.

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Steve Higgins

Tue 14th Apr 2020 10:28

Thanks MC

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M.C. Newberry

Mon 13th Apr 2020 17:38

The message is eternal. Enjoy what you have and rejoice if it
gets better! We have no choice in being here so let's just get
on with it as best we can, according to our own situation and ability
in coping with what is tossed our way, hopefully helping other lives
in the process.

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