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A Disease Called Power

I will begin by pointing out that this is not intended to be a partisan political statement, to offend or attack anyone in particular. I write and express what I feel and observe, as a simple citizen. I intend to declare my pain and astonishment seeing that my country is being systematically destroyed and its people humiliated and decimated. In the last 2 years nearly 4 million have emigrated, not...

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My tears

In silence my tears whisper agonizing words


Tears that have names, faces,

wounds saturated with lies;

the ignored pain of indifference

that becomes ungrateful before my eyes

nullifying what I wish to achieve...


It's not like I crossed this threshold because I wanted to,

it’s the false truth of a world of injustice,

sinking in a mud of mirage,

in indolence…



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I felt like a woman

I blossomed like delighted rain among your waters

soaked in delirium between the sheets


Hours passed...

sleeplessness rose…

the sweetest kiss traveled through the warm skin of my body

you laid upon me the whole universe

I was the fruit of your passion


The delight, the glory; an arsenal within you, inside me

afterwards calmness,

calm after being in your hands...


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Only 10%

I’ve had only 10% of your passion and it was perfect


Those hands…, they held me arousing the encounter,

they snatched me out of myself to get within you


It was perfect, succulent;

a table for a bed, seasoning without reasoning,

overflowing the cumulated fieriness in my body


Only 10% was enough to reach the sky...

I was pliable metal between your fingers 



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Today I learned


Today I learned to kiss you with my eyes,

to caress you with my soul; 

to make your sky the song of the Goldfinch;

that love that at night I dreamt of

without knowing that I loved you


Today I learned, in the magic of your dreams,

to be fertile ground and to see you with my hands


Today I learned to feel the warmth of your kisses

and in your words of encouragem...

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Human misery

I’m an abject, because the helmsman of our homeland says so,

while into turbulent waters he leads us


I’m wicked, because the helmsman of our homeland says so

and without hesitation makes the ship tumble

and with an uncertain course will capsize it


I’m a scoundrel, because the helmsman of our homeland says it

while behind an alibi he shields himself

and when the truth...

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Injusticeimpotencedream of freedom

It’s sufficient

It’s sufficient to briefly touch silence to feel days of glory,
the eternal word of friendship,
the chimes of freedom

It’s sufficient to lean between blue seas
to perceive the sweet semblance of calm,
the lost and aged dreams,
the future that you can imagine,
the language of love and peace

It’s sufficient to forgive and the good is understood

© Noris Roberts - March, 2019

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hopedream of freedom

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