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My dear friends,

With great pleasure I want to participate, to all of you, the recognition that the writer and Serbian poet, Tatjana Debeljacki, has given me and which I humbly receive with joy. She interviewed me recently and published it in her literary magazine Diogen Pro Kultura .


If you are interested in seeing the interview, that was just published, this is the link:

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Without Excuses

Life frozen

Asperities immobile

Wounds deplete everything

Lives fall and are lost, sliding over the mud

The graves of the fallen mourn

Dialoguing between shadows of hatred and resentment, twilight stops

Without excuses, I am placed between the eyelids of an empty city

Groaning distress

Not premature conclusions; it is real

Everything stops


Noris Roberts ©

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sad poems

Following your steps...

Following your steps I've worn out my thoughts

forgetting and remembering you, forsaking and finding you,

letting you go and desiring you

and I digress in the mountain of my thoughts


Following your steps, I’ve punished my tears;

I look at you and my eyes dilate,

you ignore me, my heart erodes

attempting to give you love’s beauty


Following your steps, I have worn o...

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sad poem


1. Who is Noris Roberts?

I am a simple, dreamy, cheerful, sensitive, restless, sensitive, sincere person who loves life and above all freedom. I strongly believe in God and I thank him to let me see every day with a smile on my heart. I love sharing and as the song says "I wish I had a million friends buttoned to my skin giving me relief and happiness". Laughter...

2. Lawyer, writer, Peace A...

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Without you I cannot imagine myself;

I lived an unreal past

that was part of the soul

I thought loved me


I sailed on the river of your lies,

of everything that you said you felt


I made up a mirage of tender caresses

where you were the delight of all my senses


Among thorns of silence I landed;

tears blinded me and without pause

and swiftly my way became ...

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sad poem

God has come to love me this morning

God has come to love me this morning

drying my tears one by one,

silently climbing the ladder of my soul

raising a prayer to the Virgin rose of my soul 


He loved me!


Expelling the orphanhood from my hands,

the sand of agony that filled my mouth,

the copper lodged in my eyes worn-out by tears,

and that's when I felt Him by my side.


... And He gave me a way ...

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love poems

By chance...

By chance I found you

without realizing it,

when lost in those days of madness and fear


Your presence invades the center of my thoughts;

my eyes turn towards you and stay fixed,

as if I’d had been waiting for you in silence


A clear and simple feeling overwhelms me...

I do not know you; I have not seen you

but feel a growing desire as I approach

every tenth of y...

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love poem

But it was so easy to love me...

I only had to hear from your lips

a phrase of love,

or have loved me silently

as one loves God


To love me...

It would have been sufficient that you moistened my body,

navigated between my lips and my back,

seen a tiny gesture that would teem my soul,

and as a desired psalm,

love me again and again

until feeling the fire entering the arena of my skin


To lo...

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love poem


This yearning that escorts my soul,

is the overture where disembodied I loved you,

though my words may sound vulnerable...

there was no place to take shelter

since time crawled upon us


Absent, music floated through my window...

and silence stunned everything


In my pain, seeing you leave;

I don’t know how not forget,

I don’t know how to extinguish what I lived, ...

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passion and sadness

I write because...

I write to return to sanity,

to give respite to my bitterness,

to avoid falling into the void,

to feel that I'm alive


To calm my overwhelmed reproaches,

to the muffled word that grinds my insomnia

until I’m diluted in the wind


To speed up the torrent that my body needs,

that germinates flowery fragments within

and not move on through uncertain paths


I w...

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