I waited ...


In the mist,

amazed at the helpless loneliness,

sadness was present to remember

especially when I loved you and now intend to deny


full of rain and wind, turn to screams your memories:

perhaps imagining that you understand how I feel


How I miss you!

I was not the cause of the pain ...

And I'll wait until it dries the dew;

until you have no m...

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Today I know that you've gone


Submerged in silence,

under shadows;

named you in a seemingly endless vacuity


As if he were listening!

As if he felt it!


Despite my lips you've gone astray,

let me tell you the hours that I've thought of you,

like a dream that has become ponderous


You stand out and anxiety takes my soul;

what need of your memories

if my fingers thr...

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My heart is a lonely flower...


My heart is a lonely flower aged by pain,

misunderstood by dreams

that where denied by life


A dead flower, forgotten,

inclined towards  hope

that  learned to give treason a name



there are flowers that bathe themselves in the morning sun,

even for some reason that never existed


And although it is the most humble little flower,


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Only 10%...


I have felt only 10% of your passion and it was perfect


Those hands! They held me encouraging the encounter,

they snatched me out of myself to get into your body


It was perfect, succulent, table for a bed!

Once and then again, overflowing the accumulated ardor in this body!


Only 10% was enough to reach the sky...

I was pliable metal between your f...

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erotic poetry

Without having sought you


Without having sought you,

love turned into skin and dwelt among us,

you and I,

just one world


I see you with my soul,

you give me warmth, your hands assure me,

your words come to me

and gifted me with a new life


Nothing was spared!


I know that you love me and from so much love,

we’ll continue to live for our love,

because our ...

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love poem

When the yearning comes...


When the yearning comes, full of fantasies,

I look under my sheets for you

in the chiaroscuro in the morning


A red rose burns in my belly

my five senses feel the scourge of a feverish passion

you bloom in my thoughts


Addicted to you, I encourage myself to believe

that you also desire me

and the storm rolls over my skin,

soaking me from my so...

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love poem

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