The mouse and the Lion

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How much harm is inflicted by ambition and power

that carrying war in itself,

sheds blood,

tears and grief


How little does evil and hatred care about

slaughtering children and elders

or the present and the future of a country


How absolutely insane may corruption and ego become

to smother, desolate and crush a garden


Ukraine, you have been orphaned,

but like millions of others,

I will not leave your side;

I hear your voices in my soul

and the beating of your heart echoing


The loathsome, wretched, malignant invader

will go down in history as a mouse and you, however,

you will be described and remembered as the lion


You were an example to me in 2014

for demonstrating your principles as a champion of freedom

and today you are an inspiration of greatness and courage for the world


Ukraine, I have you and shall carry you in my soul;

cannons will never silence your bravery and dignity


©Noris Roberts


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<Deleted User> (32907)

Sat 12th Mar 2022 23:02

The Ukrainians are amazingly brave people! Every one of them. Nice poem, Noris.

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