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In this land...

In this land I have known the worst of hell,

the most severe punishment; difficult to digest;

inhuman is to feel the splash of so much pain,

seeing a drought of a profound silence


Pleas cry out before the crevice of hunger,

with astonishment thorns dig into the eyes of heaven,

tenebrous inequity simulating justice;

difficult to move the stones that stand in the way...


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Who am I?


A girl that has no name,

which hides her tears before the darkness of the sea; 

dusty books, lonely places

or a chair without repair    


The girl who didn’t know what to answer,

that grew up within and put beauty to suffering;

elusive, distant,

a perfume in desolation


An empty body that will never be mine;

the indecipherable colors of freedom,

a hand-sc...

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Today I want to share with you a great joy.


On June 29 I was appointed Extraordinary Ambassador and Honorary Member of Naji Naaman's Foundation for Gratis Culture. This appointment, being a Venezuelan citizen and now forming part of an international group of renowned poets and writers that promote free dissemination of culture, freedom of expression and unbiased justice, fills me with emotion and humility.


I am completely convi...

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White Hosts

Take a look through my eyes;
I want to paint a sketch of your face
with watercolors and defined strokes
as the great artist who dreams
of the expression of the sea and its serenity

A sketch of white Hosts that are not diluted by water, fire or time

Of your eyes, the light that turns on the romance of the moon;
of your hands, the most palpable sweetness filling everything;

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To Die and Resurrect

To partially open the doors of my poem, "To Die and Resurrect", words that are only a thorough touch of silent wounds which I carry on my skin, executions in the black of the night don’t come as a surprise. I only know that I died and revived to let the water rise from the ground and not let my brothers die of thirst.

To die and resurrect...

Under a savage sky,
of looks that stifle,
I seek...

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sad poem

Chimes of silence

Everything, everything you gave my soul was sorrow
chimes of silence fill my melancholy,
among tears the naked word
lets its moan be heard...

Each tear has its scar,
each word ingratitude
Is this crucifixion or is love salvation?

The bitterness of all is your sordid ruthlessness,
the remoteness, where there is nothing,
just a corpse in my bed;
the sight of your wretchedness increases...

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sad poetry


Sinner of delight,
of the hours that I adore
when you silently love me
till the last syllable of desire 

Stealthy, you bathe my thirsty skin,
prehensile caresses on my breasts,
the moon on your fingertips
plough my body

Skin, sleeplessness, lust,
in eternal dance
when I have you

Pleading, I ask for more…
happiness has it’s master  

Ah, our encounter,
how much it encloses...

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erotic poem

Vibrating in the unison of the scream of passion

Fire radiates in my eyes,
desire’s  claim is at stake,
on my bed the exuberant palm tree brightens my breasts
with the curly waves of your kisses

A prismatic encounter greeting you in my body with anxiety

Beyond the fury of my skin
my breathing becomes dizzying,
tremulous moans the voice of sunset ,
and dresses me as Spring

Feline, sin assails me, walks through the trails of my exci...

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erotic poem

Everything became yesterday!

I loved you so much
that there was no time or place to resuscitate
You were the delicate origin of my verses,
the wisdom that lead my dreams,
the perpetuity of my sufferings,
and under your nuances I loved you
with the same red that my blood carries

I lived so many seasons beside you...
a delirium I never imagined,
the vile sins,
the painful memory,
the images from the past


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sad poem

You don’t know…

You don’t know what I would do to conquer the territory of your body,
to be the pioneer of your heart,
and not a tiny dream
where dumbness is everything

I succumb over my fantasies
because I only have you
as an indelible mark
on my languid nights

You do not know the magical feeling that runs through my belly
that invades and robs my feelings,
with dementia when I dream of you
and on...

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sad poem

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