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My poetry is ...


Joy, rebellion, forgiveness

life, wisdom, love


Destined winged music that cooed my heart

The cry that fertilized the earth when the sun dawned

Hope, disappointment,

the pain that hurt me in some corner


The line of life, and also the betrayal where one day I’d wake

listening to prayers that my death will announce


Poor dreams of mine...


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What is the price you have to pay?


What is the price you have to pay, because for a crust of bread you consent to be humiliated?

What is the price you have to pay, by making believe that you are blind and accept to be fenced-in?


What is the price you have to pay, when fear and hunger makes you accede to be manipulated?

What is the price you have to pay, when you assent to relinquish yourself?

What is ...

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political poem

It was written...



It was written that you would be my life,

my imagination, my fugitive heat


That you would be the moon in my nights,

the sun of my days, the exuberant passion


It was written ...

That I would be holy water on your lips,

all your reasons, all the follies that walk through your mind


I dream, living on the edge of your lips and in this scenar...

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love poem

Vibrating in the unison of the scream of passion


Fire radiates in my eyes,

desire’s  claim is at stake,

on my bed the exuberant palm tree brightens my breasts

with the curly waves of your kisses


A prismatic encounter greeting  you with anxiety in my body


Beyond the fury of my skin

my breathing becomes dizzying,

tremulous moans the voice of sunset ,

and dresses me as Spring


Feline, sin assails me, wa...

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Not yet...


I didn’t realize when we wore out the new,

the coveted interest for life, the sap in your overdue stories


I never knew when the candor became gloomy knowing your near

and deserted my spirits before your inexplicable indifference,

or when your time was not my time,

and your space became anonymous,

so much that I no longer saw it


I justified your abse...

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How did it come to be, who allowed it?



How was hope gagged by the morbidity of this false democracy?

How did it come to be?


How is it that petroleum was changed for weapons?

How did it come to be, who allowed it?


It is inevitable to react.


There is in my soul a line that lies between the darkness and pain, poking me, and this condition pushes me to the limit in where I bleed and I fa...

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It is my silence!



Crowned with thorns a fatal pain strikes me

stirring my feelings of what one day I thought imperishable


My muse cries with me, demanding to know the reason

why your love was no more than cracked nails of bitterness,

my feelings pouring in the harshness of what I’m still living

It seems that you shall persistently drive my heart into darkness 


It is my silence ...

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Do not ask me who I am...



Do not ask me who I am

I can be the living essence of a soft prayer

or a gloomy room of a prose in pain


I can be the cup of spilled soft caress on your skin,

or the calm, a storm or anger


Do not ask me who I am...

I can be the very face of God,

the words of sounding in a heart 

or maybe the rushing fantasy that often dies at daybreak



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My alter ego...


The naive girl, cautious and fierce

The one with feline eyes

The one with shadowy corners

The one that battles day to day perceiving the voice of the Messiah

The one that still dreams of parental love that borders on idolatry

The jubilant light of day 

The one that writes fantasies in the orphanhood of a sonnet

turning out nostalgic fondness hoping that they tr...

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I imagined


I imagined listening your heart,

the kiss I felt on my lips without hiding my passion,

every breath, every heartbeat,

until you made love to me


I imagined drawing your dreams on the most beautiful flower,

and in the veil of sweet intimacy,

between caresses and supplications,

I began to vibrate


I imagined hearing your voice, at a distance, callin...

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love poems

I request ...




Tie me to every beat of your heart

Make my hours your hours,

my desires your attention, a pretext,

a reason to think that we will have a beautiful crowning


I request the sea, the earth itself, the sun,

the fusion of our bodies,

the warmth of your kisses


I request... a fragment of tenderness to this love



©Noris Roberts

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A Cry in the Silence



My day is languishing...

The clean lace of  joy flew out with daylight


My hours saturated with sadness,

your cruel love was that mix of betrayal 

that played with the best of my dreams


I never, never felt so much pain...

and every day your indifference crumbles me


The love you gave me one day,

they were shadows, they were fantasies


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sad poems

My lips have forgotten you



My lips have forgotten you,

your love is past tense

My desire has wilted away

so my heart has judged


After all, the kisses born on that rendezvous

where blown away…


No, it's not that I want to elude you,

It's that you no longer exist within me

It was your betrayal,

your suffocating rendition,

cold mornings between my sheets,


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romantic poetry

Let it…



Clutched to the willowy peak of your body,

the indelible trace of your kisses invoke my desire

Anxiously my lips sweat


Such is my restlessness that I walk behind your steps in silence,

and on my skin the tanned visage of the ardent sunrise

living placidly in my bed,

feeling fire running through my body


Oh supreme creator of my azure fantasies!


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I need to love you...


I need to love you...


Imagining love, I was spring on your skin,

when the folds of dawn dressed with honey

devoured my body again and again

my desire flourishing breathless only imagining you


Wishing to live in your lips, a wave of pleasure

I desire to lose myself in your fire

and baring your kisses

in the impenetrable silence of your feelings


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Chained orgasms are biting my lips



A prisoner in your skin ...

discreetly the night slips between my sheets, in the verses of dawn,

sketching ecstatically the loud kiss that grows in my body,

there where the brilliance becomes eternal

and consciousness of myself in your hands,

I do not know if this is an adventure or a creation of my madness.


Naked ...

I pour out shamelessly the pleasures of the ...

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Darling Mother...

It is with sadness that I tell you of the bitter distress that my tears drain down today. The scratching sand intensifies my grief, shrivelling the white towers of my voice. Sometimes justice seems to be a wall of cruelty where only the face of an animal is exalted, not the voice of legality. 


Today I express to you my emotions that ride with my dream...

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Wild outcries, the rebellion of my feelings through the turbulent scars that slay me, the winter distresses, peels off my dreams, seems like burning embers that muzzle the hundred suns of hope.


Once again the mobs, the guns, the beheaded days overwhelm the people in the nocturnal shade of fatigue, piling up their ways in the amnesia of their minds where they suffer, bleed, fight...

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What  is worth more ...


What is worth more than the love that I give you
offering a kiss as evidence

given that it is usual

to see you in my dreams,

Perhaps dreaming of you is sufficient, I do not know ...
and I awake just to see you

to discover that what I feel is priceless

This love is magnified every day
and it is in my heart where I find you

What is worth more than to feel ...

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It was easy to fall in love





It was easy to fall in love and raise you north of my soul

unveiling myself to the link in your eyes

Why is it so hard to be free if I gave you everything

and have no more to give?


Maybe it was my awry offense, which I'll regret,

or needing you near that consoled me

Nothing is the same without you,

without you nothing is the same



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Here I am



Here I am, faced with the shameless nakedness of your soul,

like a string vibrating lonely, blind, beneath the void,

walking on stones in the steep streets


The harsh winter foreshadows my fate,

I am not afraid,

I ask for nothing,

I have no settled future


I live lost in the valley where no olive-trees grow


Death gets inside me, I have...

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From always ...


Nothing happens, I have no answers

Only the great sadness seems to assist me

Faced with despair, people are losing their identity

The word violence plays its language

Everything is corrupted

Everything looks bad, aging

In the thunder of the night I discover that my brother is my enemy

The only thing real is this sad reality


©Noris Roberts


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I know you will think of me


I know you will think of me when they do not love you this way…

the infinite delight of my body on your breast

refreshing your soul with tenderness entirely

baptising your thirsty kisses without aspiring for one moment

to take control of your emotions.


I loved you entwining my breath in that furtive kiss

kindled perhaps by my devouring flame

riding my bod...

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