Sublime Christmas, you come bejeweled

filling with magic every home

with your noble expression of generosity


Along the tree, gifts, lights,

the dreams that come reality,

and others that remain behind,

feelings of love invade us nostalgically

with sadness for those who are no longer with us


Suitable time for love,

friendship, spiritual wealth,

convinced ...

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It's only that...

It's only that I lay dying bedridden in darkness

along your sorrowful company and indifference,

sheltered under silence,

a silence that announces oblivion,

oblivion that tortures and suppresses

those cherished moments engraved in my mind


Submerged under brimming thorns of tears,

seeking to find the path into your heart,

finding only a distant and abstract goodbye


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love passion

Winter afternoon

On a winter afternoon, when I besieged you in my soul,

love emerged drawing your kisses on my lips;

in my breasts the man next to my bedside

and behind the dream a wave of your memories


Your voice was the silence and sap running through my body...

and from the dream to my memory only unconsciousness passes through my eyes

and my ​​torment is the sea of your hands,

the ins...

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The skin of my words

Barefoot, atop of the pain,

I saw myself crying after you promised me auroras,

velvety seasons and kisses

that would awaken my soul


I see no present, no future;

buried in the past, pretending to be the owner of  your dreams

and the sadness of not having you

makes me desire you


You who floated in the ocean of my skin, in my waters,

in the depths of my existence,


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I Hate

I hate...

my unshared memories,

the uncommonness that doesn’t pray, doesn’t kiss,

that is forgotten in coldness, in emptiness;            


the weep of those who are unable to converse,

that cannot be trusted;

those incapable to discern


I hate…


an old sunless morning;

stalking death that kidnaps and looms over me;

darkened walls,

dead ...

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The saddest lines...

I can write a sad poem tonight

I can write a hundred mourning verses

and hand them over in the palm of your hand


My words grow uncontrollably raw,

your lost vows accompany this sleepy wakefulness


Night is saddened

Shyly listen to my raining phrases,

I'm not blaming the why of your silence;

I fought, but have no way to address

the vacuumed feeling through my ski...

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sad poems


Excuse me, if you have not had news from me.

In reality, I walked through cities and streets observing life and its lethargy, looking for a reason, a reason that made would make me react to what man with his selfishness, irrationality and lack of scruples, destroyed; and not to feel this hell of memory, which baffles me.

I continued my way into this battle that burned my cries and just as th...

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From the heart

Will you be able to love me...?

You make me invoke the liberating pleasure

that radiates on my skin, in unconsummated desires,

as autumn showing lust, with delirium and graciousness...


Will you be able to love me?

Intoxicate me with sex, with nights that uphold me;

there is no greater delight than to sin with the flood of your kisses

and the madness of this moment


I adore to be loved!

I cry for ...

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Your lips...

I woke up, I dreamt of you, I dreamt of your lips...

those lips that draw my lips with music

and arise as an immense love song


I felt you; lust is consummated...

it secretly opens on my lips,

nocturnal theater of my dreams

making me speechless when caresses and kisses start


Your lips ...

embrace me, invite me to your bed;

that build up metaphors in my soul;


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What makes me love you?

What makes me love you,

in this inexplicable connection

while in you sleep I would kidnap your heart?


For one of your kisses I would die if necessary...

a warm kiss on the thin thread of dawn,

there close to your soul


What makes me love you,

without offering me anything,

just these nights of memories,

leaving your footprints in the most quiet way?


What ...

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Manifesto of pain

My country, without justifications sinks... I have voiced, whispered and even shouted in countless ways what I perceive and feel in this bizarre present and this why I should not and cannot silence. I don’t assent to injustice, apathy, deceit or hypocrisy and because of that my chest explodes in fire. I live in a depressed, tired and cornered country in which, gagged, we are forced to shut up and ...

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I don’t know...

I don’t know how your love flew

gliding through my window,

fluttering, it shouted out your name,

becoming the adage of my love


Your breath dampened my skin,

opening the doors of my heart;

I want you… wandering in this festivity of feelings


I don’t know how you tied me to your arms,

feeling the sap running beside me,

a pillar of life and desire,

changing my p...

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love poem

Do not judge me, as my sin deserves

Do not judge me, as my sin deserves

tonight it eternalizes my fatigue

and overwhelms my mistakes


Do not judge me, as my sin deserves...

My soul has dried

and have your memories attached to my bones


I am in the middle of where I don’t want to be,

between the speck of my betrayal

and this storm flowing through my veins


We all learn from mistakes,

I took t...

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love poem

My heart learned to tolerate

Deadly sobs...

I cannot reason the ferocious cowardice of mankind,

my verses have been dishonored,

blighting my poetic task


My tears stipulate deep anguish in the depths of my heart;

It’s a colorless wail that increases my belittled pain


Challenged by those living undercover;

seditious words of insensitivity,

full of hatred, shadows, malediction


False look...

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Everything is full of you...

It’s not a lie, everything is full of you, I can assure it;

the night we met,

the old lantern that shone on us

and perhaps your promises inspired these words

converted into grief


My heart, yearning for you,

looks for sweet words

to write in your soul


This love without words became my preferred tempo,

in the most perfect harmony,

in the most beautiful poetry


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love poetry


Why have you abandoned me, if I didn’t ask you to?

It is you who impels my pulses that grow and flourish warmly, brightly,

filling me with peace,

letting me fly to unimagined places


Why are you so quiet

if deep down you know that I have your lineage

and the lyrics in my heart


You who hold my hands

showering my words with rapture

I cannot help but to adore you


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sad poems

I only asked...

I only asked for a few things...

the unique instant of feeling inside you,

to seal my lips and without speaking,  say “I love you”


Your life, in every corner of my hands,

the epitome of my dreams,

in the suns, in my thoughts,

drenched in glory


And grew for those whom thought it real!


Everything seemed like I dreamt you...

I don’t know, don’t know what I fe...

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love poetry

Was there never a time for me?

What do I do with my pain if underneath this wound my wishes are crushed and I die every day?

You violated every beat of my heart, and I, stealing the minutes to every hour

dared not express that my desolation deepened inside my room


You never gave freshness to my skin, not even a pretense of love

and I fell into this ordeal, under this soundless orphanage


I longed you so ...

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sad poem


They say that some people can attain justice, but...

how can there be equity if justice is not blind, it has open eyes and points its finger?


Judges, who under reckless shadows, charge their egregious verdicts with dissonance,

without a clear alphabet , without free will, as so ordered by the commander of staggered dawns


False testimony multiply in front of their hands, to in...

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This morning my pen confesses

My orphaned poetry,

protagonist of my sunset,

lyrics roam in disappointment

and disenchantment


The rigor of silence,

feeling that it is impossible

to live without your love


This urge to love you

condemns me to the passion

of becoming a woman on your skin


How many days of nostalgia ran through my body?


How much longing for the kiss that you left ...

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Only in my dreams...

You come to me full of vividly wild magic

perpetuated in my immortal dreams


You are so deep inside me

that the further you go away

the more I love you


You are so deep inside me

as if you belonged to my thoughts,

invisible, silent but taking control of my memories


You cover me, hug me, love me, melt me to the soul,

here, now, eternally present,

that inst...

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love poem

Inhabit me…

Inhabit me in a timely manner without letting me know,

dry these tears that have no addressee to console them,

cruise the skies on my lips anointing them with your breath


Inhabit me… hoping to be discovered by the light that bathes your skin,

feeling the sweat soaked in fever,

making the pleasure deeper


Inhabit the nakedness of these words that have no language,


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erotic poem

No finish line

Tied to the cavities of the night,

life becomes written tears in my eyes;

every part of my body has its wound

and I unceasingly wander in the aggregate pitfalls of a fog


Before me the cross of loneliness turns to me,

pass painful valleys,

there’s nothing left standing

only dents in my soul


Between fear and courage,

cold and misery tally each step,

waiting is...

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