I could grow my hair long,

Manifest a beard,

Wear a robe and don a crown,

But then,

     I couldn’t be a gimp like that,

Taking it up the arse for all humanity

To try impress a father,

     Alas, I would rather

Watch the world pray

To an absent God as,

End of days is now upon us.


     I could protrude some horns,

Change the colour of my skin

To deepest red, reside

In a kingdom filled with fire

And have the eyes of a snake

But then,

     There is already too much hate

And I suggest,

The position has already

Been taken as raging,

Be so many blasphemy’s

So many catastrophes upon

This phenomena known life.


     Or I could change the weather,

Reclaim and retake the world gone mad,

Turn to ice all forms that thrive

For all ‘they’ now know;

Is how to kill each other

In ever more imaginative ways;

     From gassing to bullets

To bombs and fuck it,

     I will never give in to the demands

Of clowns who struggle to think

And finally surmise,

‘He is guilty of being innocent!’


     I won’t cry for you!

I won’t even try for you,

Or lie for you

Take bribes for you

Or die for you,

Because the soul

Has gone cold,

The spirit is shot,

The mind no longer a temple

But an example of tortures

Apparent lack of wisdom and truth.


     And how dumb they be,

Sitting in crowds admiring themselves

While genius rots in isolation,

     The cures going stale

And all hail Satan,

All hail God,

Shout save The Earth

While begging like dogs


Is your life really worth that much?

     I don’t think so,

Because from where I sit,

None, not one I know

Has the heart just to say hello

To a dying World.


Out there,

Rainbows thrive by day,

While shooting stars

Light the night sky,

     And warriors give up their lives


Just to say hi to this ball

They couldn’t save,

     But they’ve tried,

They’ve shouted and ranted

And raved and begged

Been battered and bruised by

Goliaths at death,

     And yet,

You in your chairs with

Your head in your beers,

Think you deserve

The last fish for your supper,

While scuppered this world

Drowns in her tears.


Michael J Waite 7th January 2016


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Thu 7th Jan 2016 21:59

Thank you Vicki and Lady Denyse!

It really means a lot to receive feedback.

Nice one and happy new year to you both.


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Vicki Ayers

Thu 7th Jan 2016 12:41

Brilliant! Love your style x

Lady Denyse

Thu 7th Jan 2016 11:05

"Out there,

Rainbows thrive by day,

While shooting stars

Light the night sky,

And warriors give up their lives...."

A powerful write.

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