The Future Harvest

The Future Harvest


     It isn’t new,

Except if you’re at year zero

And we talked, really talked

Of having more,

     But the thought

Of bringing another child

Another lifeform

To this world,

Sparked only nightmares

And fear for the bairns

Already born,

     Let alone,

     Let alone; a new soul.



Has been condemned already,

And the next,

And the next until,

We realize,

We wake from traditions

That select only the corrupted

Ways we are,

     For no further will it go,

The reality claiming

Future onslaughts,

Future dreams of blood and tears,

Where our fears

Our fears shape the life

We no longer want to live

And there will be no forgiveness,

     Just floods,

War, famine, plagues,

And a vicious cycle and circle

Of denial by established

Methods  that deny

The truth of how we really are,

And we’re done,

The gun proving stronger,

Than any idealistic wish.


Michael J Waite 2nd January 2016.

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Sun 3rd Jan 2016 23:51

You are as always so very right. Yes, it is in essence throwing down the gauntlet, but one thrown down in sheer frustration at what the world desires at this time of year.

Complacency for world events, conformity in ones own understandings of governance. And a merry free for all with false blessings, outdated beliefs and a snide deceit upon each other that the fellowship of man is unbreakable and bonded in love.

It is absolute bulshit!

Now before I grab your hand and start reciting something about old acquaintances and all of that, I am off to do the one thing I am truly grateful for at this time of year. Getting Shitfaced.

Still, I hope one day the world becomes responsible for itself, not in mine or your lifetime i fear.

Happy Ones David.

David Moore

Sun 3rd Jan 2016 04:39

Hi Mike,

Good to see you.

This poem thrown down like a guantlet to challenge the traditional thinking on New Year. Like you, I see the practice as futile and delusional.

I feel an application of perspective and realistic probability would reset our interpretation of hope, making it in turn more likely that hopes might be recognised.

Hope has to be grounded in some rational expectation, it seems to me that it is so often unfettered by any rational thought. Resulting in repeated disappointment.

Me, I'm grateful every day simply for waking up.

As always great work Mike.

David HNY!

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