I am like you!

Breathing the same air

And walking the same ball

As they, tolerating this

Poor existence -

While destroying everything;

The monsters play,

     And God save me from

Their cliché,

     Let not future

History be written

As heresy for

We all change

The nearer personal

Outcomes we become.


     Life be a - forever puzzle

As the multitudes

Continue to suffer

The barbarity of the few,

     And it’s not just

The provocation of peoples;

It is outlandish and perverse

To keep what we know

To be the right choice for ‘life’ –

Set firmly in denial.



There be little hope

For humanity to build

The Utopia we know

We could achieve,

     But what else could it be?

With history written upon

The dead bodies of so many;

What else would you – expect -

Living within this world?


     No matter how hard

We try,

     It can never be rewritten,

Truth, be a power

That succumbs all,

An eternal conflict

Until we let go – the falsehoods

That split the mind,

The sanity of man


     We could be dying,

Our crying reflecting lost efforts

To regain what was broken,

For as trees let leaves fall -

Man must one day

Prepare His own end,

That time; might be the

Present we never live

As we strive the future

While one foot remains

Tethered in the past.


     My chin points down,

My head stooped in sad recognition -

‘We’ didn’t deserve what was given,

And I am prepared,

Glad I served –

Had none of power

At all,

   For I am not

Proud of this race,

Not proud of blood spilt

And the denial of -

The natural growth of children,

For we cripple all innocence

And place the resulting

Victim on display

And it’s hate that drives us on.


     The leaves provide nutrients

For new growth,

But as long as Man exists

New life will always die,

     And ‘they’ take just what

They need while we bleed

Everything that lives;

And as the neglected babe

Cries his lonely heart,

I’ll not lie upon

The cessation of my being,

    But plead my memories;



Michael J Waite 14th January 2016.





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