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Lee Park 68-92

Though I left Lee Park for pastures new.
I returned to see mates, as young lads do!
I spent my youth there, a teenager by then.
Mischief levels grew from when I was 10!

We learnt how to 'stick' the lift in full flight.
We played 'Bulldog' until no more light.
To get on the roof was easy...child's play.
But those high winds nearly blew us away!

Dangerous high jinks on Attlee House roof.

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I'm scouse as can be, Michael my name.
I was born above an 'offy' in Derby Lane.
My Mum's large family lived on 'the farm'
Money was short, but it did us no harm.

My Dad, he left us, something was wrong.
So my Mum took over, a woman so strong.
We moved a lot, saw tough times through.
Then settled in Lee park, with a great view!

In 64' an addition to our family, a little Sis!
I loved h...

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Let Happiness Reign

In the last 5 minutes, just one car has passed.
No buses today, a day off for all drivers at last!
Stanley Park is empty, nobody learning to drive.
And I'm still waiting for the first jogger to arrive!

Where are the dog walkers today, none to see?
Some impatient dogs today, living close to me!
My car and others shiver in the morning frost.
I watch a seagull circling alone, maybe he's lost...

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Christmas Wish

I don't need Christmas silver or Gold.
Just a winter hug to keep out the cold.
Money is not the answer, coin or note.
Paul got it right in that song he wrote!

Material goods or wealth you can keep.
I can't cuddle them in my winter sleep.
What's beneath the wrapping and bow.
How deep does the love and feeling go?

So if Santa sees this while on his sleigh.
And he passes Arkles Lane, Anf...

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Christmas Eve Morning

It's Christmas Eve, the sky is blue.
Traffic is heavy, queue after queue.
A few last minute cards to write.
Early bedtime for the kids tonight!

Presents come out of hiding today.
Santa Claus at last is on his way!
For Emily, a dolls house to rebuild!
Christmas stockings to be filled!

Nothing else to seek, order or buy.
And I learnt today, Daleks can fly!
Wines to chill and lunch to p...

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Drip by Drip


Ice does melt, it'll happen one day.
Someone will steal your heart away.
It'll probably happen out of the blue.
The right person turns up for you!

As love is like magic, hard to explain.
Like when a rainbow follows the rain!
And with a magical wave of a wand.
One day you'll find the perfect bond!

I believe true love will always be found.
As love, it makes the world go round.
To ...

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2020... A Year To Forget

A year a misery of stress and strain.
A rampant virus to control and tame.
A year of 'Lockdown' of Tiers and so.
A year of 'bubbles' but none to blow.

A year of heroes, a year of the brave.
A year of the window, chat and wave.
A year of isolation it became for some.
A year when a summer meant no sun.

A year of hardship, of sacrifice galore.
A year of eye contact, one of new law.
A ye...

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Highclere House

My car has friends today, silver and red.
All parked together, like 3 kids in a bed.
I think puddles from the sky have fell.
It's early Sunday, by the traffic I can tell!
And dogs are dogs, they love a routine.
So in the park, a few already to be seen.
Some are on leads, some happily run free.
Dog toilets are open, especially one tree!
Two joggers pass, one shakes off the rain.
A police v...

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Alba's First Christmas

The camera and phones go click click click.
How time flies, babies grow up too quick!
The whole world's a playground at your age. 
As more photos we see on your album page.

Already your first Christmas is drawing near.
Over your house  a sleigh will stop and steer.
Everywhere you look, every sight and sound.
A special Christmas magic will be all around!

I hope for the first time you'll...

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2 Horses

I only wish I had a camera with me.
Something so different today to see!
I look out from my Arkles Lane room.
And I see 2 horses, enjoying a groom!

From a bucket, they munch on straw.
Tied loosely to a van, nice and secure.
They receive the works, mane to tail.
If 'on the pull tonight'..they cannot fail!

I see dandy brushes and curry combs.
More interesting than the traffic cones!

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Winter Cuddles

Winter cuddles, I love them so!
Hugs and kisses in the deep snow.
In your hat and scarf, mittens too.
So close together, just me and you!
Body to body, and face to face.
A winter cuddle, a warm embrace.
Heart to heart, and hands to hold.
Tight together, keeping out the cold.
Snow flakes I see before you sway.
Gently they float on this winters day.
Winter cuddles, standing toe to toe.

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The Arkles Lane Daydreamer!

I notice something while I wait at a red light.
It happens most days when I look to my right.
I just happened to idly look around as you do.
The sort of thing you do in long traffic queue.

I see a man standing by a large window bay.
I see the same man standing there every day.
He's about 3 floors up in house standing tall.
An Arkles Lane house with a red bricked wall.

The man looks imm...

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For All Our Bus Drivers!

A bike goes by, reflectors on its wheels.
It's a brisk old morning, so cold it feels.
The postie struggles with a heavy bag.
The clouds are grey, very low they sag.

From left and right, joggers come from.
All the leaves on the trees, almost gone.
It's Saturday today, the weekend begins.
A park jogger stops, to stretch his limbs.

Across the park, Everton will be at home.
Sadly the dist...

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Arkles Road/Stanley Park

In the park a large husky on his lead pulls.
I see an old couple in their winter wools.
I see a school mini bus and an Asda truck.
A lad tries to cross the road, having no luck.

A jogger races by with a mop of silver hair.
That lad took a chance and is finally there!
The sky is beautiful, more blue than grey.
A few dark clouds are getting chased away.

A familiar fella passes by, in gre...

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Rising from the ocean, salmon like grace.
Then landing on a little mossy rock face.
A bird of prey hovers and shows its claws.
As water from the ocean, skyward soars.

Dancing between horses on desert sand.
The sands all rise under a sky suntanned.
Dancing on mountains, topped with snow.
Crawling in thick mud, snake like and slow.

The clouds quickly roll in a race to escape.
Above, the...

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The Lifeblood

Through my open window, noise seeps in.
Anfield's lights shine, after a Liverpool win.
The traffic is sparse, a few indicators blink.
The pubs are empty, no after match drink.

In Stanley Park car park, the cars pull away.
But not much traffic, like a usual match day.
No badges or scarves to be sold on a stall.
It's like a footy match never happened at all.

No football special buses, wa...

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No Shop Tills Ring

Early today they lined the road with traffic cones.
Along Arkles Road and many other Anfield homes.
I saw lots of trucks and lorries from the Worlds TV.
But around Anfield tonight, no football fans to see.

As kick off time gets near, now a darkening scene.
As tonight Liverpool welcome Brendan's new team.
Closed to traffic, as per match day is Anfield Road.
Normally by now, lots of match t...

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The Sun and Stars

In return of your stars, I brought you the sun.
For all the wonderful things you have done.
Those things more than words, matter to me.
Words can be meaningless like an empty sea.
So rather than words, I trust action and deeds.
When you consider true love and all its needs.
So take the sun off me, and your stars I'll take.
And together a loving couple we will make.
As they bare your name, ...

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To Be A Fish

The fish don't worry, the fish don't care.
Life is normal, they are blissfully unaware!
Playing in tunnels, over a bed of stones.
Oblivious to human concerns and moans!

And come bedtime when the lights go dim.
The fish relax with a little late night swim.
A few hours later when the morning breaks.
They get breakfast in bed, served in flakes.

No masks are needed and group hugs ok!

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Longing For Normality To Return

On the old, wide window ledge I'm sat,
In Highclere House, my new Anfield flat. 
It's Saturday, but there's no footy today.
If there was, fans still have to stay away.

The rain falls, like they forecast it would.
But the signs above are looking good!
I see dogs in the park, happily run free.
Joggers out in force, glad that's not me!

So it's a different kind of weekend here.
With no fo...

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Friday The 13th 2020

This is not how life should be.
An awful year over land and sea.
A death toll forever on the rise.                                                                           Have we been told facts or lies?
One too many empty shop floor.
Mental Health cases seen to soar.
Events cancelled, plans on hold.
Endless tales of stress to be told.
Friday the 13th, a day not to trust.
So don't go out...

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The Carry

I was walking down Belle Vale Road tonight.
Just before the bridge, the field to my right.
A tiny child brushed past me in cape and hat.
He wanted a carry, but I wasn't to know that.

But when he spoke he was not child but man.
And everyone should carry him, was his plan.
Other people suddenly arrived on the scene.
And to give him a carry, they where all so keen.

From nowhere people cam...

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Never Born To Fight

They needed fighting men, but they took her boy away.

With God's love and care, he may return safely one day.

He found Army life so lonely, he found it very strange.

He found himself ‘fighting’ straw men all day on the range.

Lost, lonely and afraid bayoneting dummies in the sun

He never felt at ease, never got the feel of a soldier’s gun.

Sent away to see action, the horror of the battle...

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The King of The Fair


'Do you dare to be King, do you dare, do you dare'
Rang out a mechanical voice in the Blackpool air.
So I dared my husband, until he rose to the bait.
Little did I know, I would lead him to a deadly fate.

The ride sped off, on return he wore a cheap crown.
The ride soared off again, eventually coming down.
But when it returned, my husband was not there.
That Blackpool ride had claime...

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Sun and Ice

You will never know how amazing I felt.
When for a few hours the 'ice' did melt.
For the one night, your guard it slipped.
But why are you usually so tight lipped?
Are you afraid of your feelings to reveal?
Do you prefer your thoughts to conceal?
Will the ice now return, the sun to sink.
As today you could act differently I think.
Whatever today holds, whatever you do.
Through 'sun' and '...

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Pictures Of You

Just the one room, just these four walls.
The weather is bleak, as the winter  calls.
For normality I crave, but when is it due?
Promises I ignore as they never come true.

Plans and dreams all stalled and delayed.
Put on hold, all the decisions once made.
This is no way to live, what's next in store?
The uncertainty is wrecking lives for sure.

Into deep depression, I fear people will s...

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Of Little Concern

I can't take much more lock down or bubble.
So much destruction, can you see the rubble.
Mounting debts come with every locked door.
We've had enough, people can't take anymore.
Into the wilderness of isolation, people will rot.
Nibbling away at our sanity, till they rob the lot.
Watching our freedom trickle down the drain.
Mental illness to follow as a result of the strain.
The most vulne...

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The Deal


Here's a deal on the table for all you MP's
No pay rise, accept applause if you please.
With fireworks, we can also light up the sky.
Put your face on banners and fly them high.
How would politicians react to such a deal?
Highly insulted, I bet the majority would feel.
With two homes to run and servants to pay.
Such a deal would be ridiculed in every way.
If it's good enough for nurse...

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Puppet Masters

Get back in your boxes, you can't go to the match.
Keep away from others, there's a virus you can catch.
Keep away from family and friends, hide yourself away.
An out of control deadly virus, wants your life today'.

'Don't travel unless vital, we urge you to stay at home.
Avoid the world if you can, you'll be much safer alone.
Personal contact is not advised, hugs, kisses and such.
Live i...

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Something Has To Give

No intimacy anymore what does that mean?
I feel lonely, depressed with no self esteem.
Whatever happened, from lover to flat mate?
I've been patient so long, how long can I wait?

I respect your wishes, but I can't figure it out.
I'm left frustrated, confused full of self doubt.
I have been faithful and loyal, I will to the end.
But I just don't understand, why lover to friend?

Hard wor...

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Stop Yer Talkin n Start Yer Walkin! ( Mental Health Day Fund Raiser 10/10/2020)

Today is a 'walking day' join the fun.
So from 10am get off your bum!
Leave the bike at home, and the car.
Saturday is a walk day, be near or far!
So just take in a leisurely, quiet stroll .
Please make that your little goal!
If a beach nearby, walk on the sand.
Just like Sandra with bucket in hand!
Walk to a shop, breathe in the fresh air.
It's for a great cause, to show we care.
Walk t...

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Behind The Mask

I look at a face hidden by a mask.
Who could it be, you may well ask!
So little to see behind the disguise.
But I do see laughter in those eyes!
I can’t make out the mouth or chin.
I can’t see if the face is full or thin.
But I do see a mountain of crazy hair.
Could that be Doddy standing there?
If only he could utter a word or two.
As that would give me a sufficient clue.
But then I reali...

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Pictures of Liverpool

Early today, a Scouse sunrise greeted me.
I took a lovely picture for all the world to see.
But why stop there, a decision I was to make!
So more pics of Liverpool I decided to take!

To start, I made my way to Sefton Park lake.
And what a lovely picture that was to take!
Dazzling sun rays on a calm lake, ripple free.
Through my lens, it looked so beautiful to me.

Then to Anfield, still...

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When little children, no angels where we!
In the mid to late sixties that would be.
So often chased up and down our street.
By the poor local Bobby pounding the beat.

Little devils maybe, daft tricks we played
But to our elders, respect we always paid.
That respect included the police for sure.
As they would often knock on my front door!

'Michael's done this, Michael's done...

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A Different Rule

I sit before and listen to what's on TV.
Boris is spouting rubbish again I see.
He tells us to forget what he said before.
Boris has changed his mind once more!
But frankly by now I couldn't care less.
I don't see facts, just guess after guess.
Once Cummings told us his pack of lies.
And backed by Boris, surprise, surprise!
I decided I'd no longer be taken for a fool.
As different classes...

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For PC Harper

My Facebook message today....


Today I am making this short appeal.
For PC Harper could we please kneel.
In the line of duty his life taken away.
Some mark of respect we need to pay.

He protected the likes of me and you.
So some sort of tribute I think is due.
Doing his job, but with his life he paid.
A recognition of sorts should be made.

It doesn't have to be just a bended kne...

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The First Day

Today is the first day, this is day one.
I've promised myself I'll now move on.
It aches to look back, I know for sure.
And I can't be hurting myself any more.

So from today only the future I will see.
From this first day more positive I'll be.
I know it won't be easy but I have to try.
From this first day, I will let the past die.

In time I must imagine a future bright.
As memories f...

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Your Spell

From day one I often wonder, could you tell?
That I was hopelessly caught under your spell.
But I am a shy boy, of confidence I am short.
Too many lessons in the past I've been taught.
So my lips remained sealed, my words are few.
I've dropped the odd hint, disguised the odd clue.
Nothing too obvious, not brave enough to dare!
But I often think, do you know how much I care?
As I think my f...

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I'm A Scouser

I'm a scouser, Liverpool born and bred.
A 50's child, and in '65 I became a red!
I've lived in prefabs to high rise blocks.
I've seen us recover from all the knocks.

I'm a scouser, brought up on the Fab 4.
Every record went to number 1 for sure!
Then I discovered Doddy on our old TV.
A childhood hero, and still a hero to me.

School days, not the best I have to say.
I had no ambition, ...

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Lazy Day

A quiet day today, catching up on my sleep.
I'm having a lazy day, no promises to keep.
No school runs to make, no shopping to do.
Won't need a mask, no standing in a queue.

As everything today has been put on hold.
Not worried if the weather is windy or cold
Back burner for this, back burner for that.
No telephone calls to make, too tired to chat.

I hear the traffic outside all angry ...

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My Blue Sky

Bulging bank accounts, classic art on the wall.
It doesn't impress me, it means nothing at all.
An expensive car in the garage just one of few.
Forever on long holidays where skies are blue.

It's not the life I want, honestly it's not for me.
No interest in sailing a private yacht on the sea.
A wallet bursting with plastic cards to the brim.
People forever dreaming of a record lottery win...

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In my life from love I have always run.

But now I long for an Angel to come.

Somone to make me feel loved and alive.

So I dream at night for my Angel to arrive.

As the years advance, being alone I fear.

So I sit and wonder is my Angel near?

Beauty and wings are not important to me.

As in our minds, different Angels we see.

She need not shine as a star in the night.

Just ...

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My Summer

It's been a great summer, under skies of blue.
I've had a lovely time with the children and you.
Forest days, park days on roundabout and slide.
Movie nights, Croxteth Farm and a ferry ride.
A visit to the local Cinema, with its tiny screen!
A trip to St Helens where we saw 'The Dream'
Barbecues, Crosby beach, lying under the sun
Southport and New Brighton lots and lots of fun!
But even if...

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Overly Sensitive World

The world's become overly sensitive, that's no lie.
We are afraid to pass comment for fear of outcry.
Wary to justly criticise, to judge or to complain.
Because in this sensitive world, tears fall like rain.

We have to think twice before telling a joke or two.
Even if it's not remotely offensive, racist or blue.
Because it's bound to upset somebody for sure.
Are we forgetting what are chu...

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The Mask

If you wore a hat, and where hidden by mask.
Would I know still your face, no need to ask!
Because nobody, but nobody has eyes like you.
I have never seen eyes of such stunning blue.

And if you stood with your back turned to me.
No little clues given, only your back to see.
I would know it's you without a second guess.
Because you're one of a kind and nothing less.

So unique, so beauti...

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Jackie Paper

Little Jackie Paper, played neath sun and moon.
But just like all children, he grew up all too soon.
He left behind a friendship, his innocence he lost.
As a lonely ageless Dragon found out to his cost.

No more rides on oceans, safe on Dragons back.
No more Pirate ships lowering their flags of black.
Royalty in their presence no longer seen to bow.
The Dragon left all alone, sad with furr...

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The Visitor

Here I am in a strange place, where I can't explain.
Two children I then meet, so I play game after game. 
It didn't make any sense, is one a daughter of mine?
Where is this place and what has happened to time?

I notice that the window, its view obscured by bars.
Outside I see an ambulance parked beneath the stars.
A man came in and explained what brought us here.
But in my confused mind,...

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For The Big Man

When your 'ship went down' we where there for you.

You where never 'Alone' did you know that was true?

Our love went beyond your songs, the man on stage.

Beyond the rock star fame, adorning every front page.


We read your lyrics, we felt the emotion and your pain.

We prayed that your demons would be forever slain.

A fairer world you sung about, a return of hope and pride.


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One night I met a maiden, lovely and fair.
With porcelain like skin and striking hair.
Standing tall her beauty touched the skies.
And the bluest sky couldn't match her eyes.

The moment was brief but she cast a spell.
I had lost all belief in love, but in love I fell.
But alas this was to be no loving fairy tale.
I didn't chase a dream that felt destined to fail.

Lacking bravery in my ...

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96 Points on 96 Minutess

30 long seasons and now that moment has come.
In that time 2 European Cups have been won.
And domestic Cups too, our captains have kissed.
But the biggest prize of all we have sorely missed!

Heartbreak there has been over those many years.
Near misses and touching distance, ending in tears.
But lots of times too, we where never even in the race.
Slipping down the table with bankruptcy to fa...

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