Stop Yer Talkin n Start Yer Walkin! ( Mental Health Day Fund Raiser 10/10/2020)

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Today is a 'walking day' join the fun.
So from 10am get off your bum!
Leave the bike at home, and the car.
Saturday is a walk day, be near or far!
So just take in a leisurely, quiet stroll .
Please make that your little goal!
If a beach nearby, walk on the sand.
Just like Sandra with bucket in hand!
Walk to a shop, breathe in the fresh air.
It's for a great cause, to show we care.
Walk to a park, get away from the TV!
Take a photo of yourself for all to see!
Whatever the weather, be rain or shine.
Join in our walking day, spare that time!
So please take part, it's not much to ask.
Come on everybody be up to the task!
Please wear a little green, be a sport!
Thank you very much for your support!


(I just walked to Goodison Park then to Anfield,  back to my nearby Kirkdale flat. I had nothing green to wear, do I had to borrow that top, which obviously doesn't belong to me!)

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