The Arkles Lane Daydreamer!

I notice something while I wait at a red light.
It happens most days when I look to my right.
I just happened to idly look around as you do.
The sort of thing you do in long traffic queue.

I see a man standing by a large window bay.
I see the same man standing there every day.
He's about 3 floors up in house standing tall.
An Arkles Lane house with a red bricked wall.

The man looks immersed in thought and mind.
Almost like there's something out here to find.
Not quite sure what he could be searching for.
Stanley Park is to my left, but not much more.

He looks long and hard, not a casual glance.
It almost appears he's in some kind of trance!
As I now drive away, as the lights turn green.
The man continues his Arkles Lane daydream!



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M.C. Newberry

Sun 29th Nov 2020 16:03

There's something enjoyably "Betjeman-ish" about this poem.

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