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Hunting The Clean Boot

A barbaric tradition soaked in blood.
As foxes flee for life in forest and wood.
Around lenient laws hunters find a way.
To get their cruel kicks on Boxing Day.
'Trail' and fox hunting are just the same.
They are illegal hunts, in all but name.
Why the Terrier Men, if no intent to kill?
Saddled Redmen, destroying life at will.
Unenforced Laws broken, blatant to see.
A blind eye turned by ...

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For Steve Kelly


When the whistle blew at 6 minutes past 3.
'Hillsborough' stole my life from me.
My brother Michael was not coming home.
A long journey begun, that I begun alone.
Now 30 years have passed on the clock.
And nobody held accountable in the dock.
But my brothers' killing was against the law.
So that Justice I sought, I'm still looking for.
I have seen faces grow tired over the years.

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Daddy's Whisper

I'm cosy and warm here in my 'bed'
Soothing voices I hear in my head.
Voices I welcome and already know.
As day by day I develop and grow.
I hear Mummy and Daddy softly talk.
And I feel the motion of a speed walk!
Restless at times I may toss and turn.
While everyday new things I learn.
Those caressing strokes I love to feel
Already I've learnt to smile for real!
Rachel I recognise,  my ...

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The Gift

I look in the mirror, what do I see?
What on Earth happened to me?
I see two sad eyes without a life.
A flower now replaced with a knife.
I see a lonely man misunderstood.
I would change this man if I could.
Into my life, uninvited he came.
He kept my face and took my name.
There's an icy grip in his cold stare.
I would walk away, but I don't dare.
Possession his present, a hellish gift.

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Dreams can be so cruel, no prisoners to take.
They can lead you astray your heart to break.
Dreams can whip you off to a faraway land.
Where the one you loved still holds your hand.
But although they hurt me and cut me deep.
And make me cry when over is my sleep.
I still long every night for that same old dream.
Because I get to see what might have been.
Lonely are my waking hours in the w...

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Blue or pink!!

The room decorated with balloons pink and blue.
We made our predictions as the excitement grew!
Then on the big black balloon focused all our eyes....
It was time now to reveal the long awaited surprise!

Blue confetti for boy, pink for girl, what would it be!
The moment had come for that confetti to be free!
My daughter popped the balloon to massive cheers.
She hugged Michael, all around ...

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I return to Brighton and I talk to the sea.

This time I am alone, no gangs, only me.

Out of season I tread on pebble and stone.

So disillusioned with life, I wander alone.


I revisit our Café for cups of tea and a pill.

No sound of laughter, just the ring of a till.

Only a few people brave the desolate shore.

A swimmer fights a wave, the rain does pour.


I walk...

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It’s a sad state of affairs, when only memories remain.

When the future looks bleak and the present brings pain.

When the ‘seven year itch’ makes your skin crawl.

When I look at what we've got now and it’s nothing at all.

It’s a sad state of affairs but our story is nothing new.

When relationship’s break down and words are few.

Looking back it and doesn’t seem that many years ago...

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The Attic Night

My little spot to hide away from it all.
My Lennon and T.Rex posters on the wall.
With sloping attic roof, not much space!
But I still love my little secluded place.

I see the Sun peer through the skylight.
Framed are the stars, in the  dark attic night.
My television set needs just a small screen.
It's all peace and quiet up here, so serene!

Up the ladder I go, on the steps so steep.
To ...

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The Death of Meredith Hunter

A spontaneous, last minute concert, entry free.

Beset with major problems, clear for all to see.

The Frisco Angels held power, fuelled with beer.

A time of peace descended into a time of fear.


Confrontations broke out during the long day.

Violent fights all over the crowded speed way.

Missiles and punches at the performers thrown.

As the concert wore on the tension had gr...

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Go 'Knifefree'

Yet another stabbing story to sadly unfold.
The cowards weapon, if the truth be told.
To wield a blade is neither tough or brave.
As another young life they attempt to save.

A potentially deadly way to attack or defend.
This knife carrying culture we have to end.
Educate youngsters the danger of the blade.
One flash can be fatal, the point to be made.

It's so unintentionally easy to take a...

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Let's Just Be Together!

Today is Sunday Paul, let's 'get lost'!
Let's escape the City smoke and frost.
Put Martha on the back seat of the car.
A destination unknown, drive away far.
We'll ignore all road signs, left or right.
I can walk in the woods, you can write!
Let's 'get lost' today, drive anywhere.
We can just be together without a care
No other place today do you have to be.
Just feel the freedom and be w...

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I'm sitting here this Sunday at a loose end.

So I likened a Rainbow to our absent friend.

Rainbows are colourful, that wonderful arc.

Once in the sky, they always leave their mark.

When a storm moves on they lift the gloom.

Just like a flower in the sky in summer bloom.

That's just like our Doddy, you have to say.

He had the gift to brighten up our every day!

Rainbows ...

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Let's Pretend

Let’s pretend its November, a sky full of rain.

Let’s pretend its December, frost on the pane.

Let’s pretend it’s my birthday, when I’m 61.

Let’s pretend its winter, with all our woollies on!

Let’s pretend its January, a blizzard on the way.

Let’s pretend today is the years shortest day.

Let’s pretend the shivering trees are still bare.

Let’s pretend its New Year, celebrations...

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My life has never been the same.
I look at the sun, but I only see rain.
In the calm waters, I sense a storm.
My heart it beats, but inside it's torn.
But I carry on with the masquerade.
Appearing happy, a role I've played.
As I've learnt to hide my tears so well.
I'm a lonely man, but you couldn't tell.
I feel the wind, when days are still.
I'll miss you today, and I always will.


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Paradise Awaits

When our tears, we seem unable to control.

Remember Heaven awaits for our lost soul.

They are at peace and rest, a stranger to pain.

We cry long at our loss, but it’s Heaven’s gain.

Paradise awaits those who deserve it most.

And we will meet again, when God is our host.

But for now the reason God gave us a heart.

Is to fill it with memories if loved ones depart.

One day we’...

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For My Dad

In Yew Tree to my Dad’s stone I now tend.
And all my love to him in Heaven I send.
Today I cleaned up my Father's headstone.
And tidied up the parts, a little overgrown.
I brushed away loose grass, every last blade.
With time the carved words have begun to fade.
But the elements won't destroy or take away.
The meaning behind what those words say.
I leave my card, with some words of my own.

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The Sinking of The RMS Titanic

The White Star pride of all ocean and sea.

Unfairly labelled ‘unsinkable’ was she.

As who knows what dangers waters hide.

Peril can strike with every wave and tide.


A fresh hope and start for many on board.

She left Southampton, as funnels roared.

Passenger’s classes apart with different aims.

Titanic took to the Atlantic shipping lanes.


As the decks went quiet, o...

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A Final Farewell

A tannoy announcement, a dreaded last bell.

Then to be cruelly denied our final farewell.

My darling has now gone, no tearful last kiss.

A train approaches, I hear steam engines hiss.


A chance meeting, a future that could never be,

Of this guilt and shame, I will never be free.

Then an express train thunders along the track.

I compose myself, before holding myself back.


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8 Heroes

Instruments packed away in velvet red case.
3 Chellos, 3 violins and the big double bass.
Quietness descended all over the huge ship.
Just 5 days in to her Atlantic American trip.

The band had just performed their last show.
Entertaining passengers with string and bow.
But tragedy struck as the hour became late.
Then the quintet and trio that night became 8.

As the minutes passed by an...

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The Pact

A flippant sale of my soul, a twisted devils pact.

Beauty to keep forever, my youth forever intact.

A hedonistic life to lead, freedom to deal in sin.

Lives left in ruins, fantasies unleashed from within.


Fade would mental scars, the devils role to heal.

My portrait bore my sins, a portrait to conceal.

If need be with ease, I can deny my age and name.

But the rats now gat...

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Round and Round

A mirror faced figure leading me astray.
Psychologically it is wearing my mind away.
It leaves me a flower, a knife turns into a key.
In my house I find there's more than one me.

Am I dreaming, does this robed person exist?
Would I even care if there's a knife to twist?
Loneliness can play evil tricks with the mind.
Reasons to live, sometimes I struggle to find.

Items change places not...

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