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The Royalist Drain

The Royalist Drain

There's a property in London in need of repair.
The tenants aren't short of a few bob to spare.
But the tax payers will help foot the huge bill.
Money better spent on the homeless or the ill.

In times of brutal cuts can we afford this gift?
Would I get help if my home needed a face lift?
Hospitals in crisis, not enough homes for us all.
Pay rises remain frozen,many backs...

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Sometimes it's hard to find the right words to say.
Sometimes it's hard not to cry at what I saw today.
A tragedy in the skies,sadly not the first of its kind.
71 victims taken, all the broken hearts left behind.

Footballers chasing a dream, a dream we all share.
To raise the Cup in our colours, at victory to stare.
Why do these things happen,impossible to explain?
Everyone feels this loss ...

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Every Child's Right

I see tin Gods, metal Gods and Gods made out of stone.
There's a Sun King, in full swing, a King without a throne.
What's new, can we trust its true, or just the latest trend?
I'm tired of lies, lows and highs, the truth they try to bend.

How many hours, till more flowers to lie on a child's grave?
A snipers gun, takes aim for fun, a coward labelled brave.
No need to kill, to shoot at will...

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Orphan Drive

As I walked through Newsham Park, down a darkened Orphan Drive.
I came to the abandoned asylum, where spirits they say still thrive.
Inside the old wards,lie discarded wheelchairs and relinquished chains.
Rusty old trollies are scattered about,in these derelict old remains.

Sudden temperature drops are not uncommon, which add to the chill.
Mortuary fridges a reminder of its past, an eerie p...

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The Coventry Playground

A children's playground did proudly stand.
It was built on the old Pantglas school land.
The kind people of Coventry paid for that park.
It was built to shine a light from out of the dark.

Slides, frames and swings for the kids to play.
And no children should ever be taken away.
But taken away in numbers they sadly where.
Now in Heaven safely under Gods loving care.

In tribute to those Ang...

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The Cadbury's Man

I am the Cadbury's man,always seen with a bar.
I love all sorts of Cadbury's, from packet or a jar.
My favourite Easter Eggs,a Buttons one for me.
I love a big bar of Wholenut with my cup of tea.

When the day is over,the bedtime drink I choose.
Hot Chocolate!...as it always helps me to snooze!
Creme Eggs are so lovely, not just an Easter treat.
I just can't resist them anytime of the year t...

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Whatever Happened to the Circus Clown?

They set out just to amuse and entertain.
But now poor old Otto has got a bad name.
Though never every child's cup of tea.
The clown just meant fun and sadness to me.

But remember those days back in school?
What teacher called you if you played the fool.
And then  clowns got their horror film role.
Where to terrorise became their primary goal.

Now people dress up as a clown, head to toe.

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Living The Dream

3rd place, 2nd place or first place gold.
Male or female athlete, either young or old.
Everyone did themselves proud in my eyes.
As this was not all about money and prize.

So competitive and gruelling from day one.
Dissent, discord,unfair play there was none.
That's what the meaning of sport should be
Dignity and respect on show for all to see.

Some footballers should look at those games.

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96 Avenue

96 Avenue
Where many streets stand no more.
A new Avenue exists in Liverpool 4.
This demolished area has a new face.
A brand new Avenue now in its place.

Along side Liverpool's new Main Stand.
'96 Avenue' now takes up that land.
The Hillsborough memorial now is there.
Of flowers and tributes it'll never be bare.

A tree lined Avenue, in time they'll grow.
An Eternal flame, that will f...

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Shadows Tall

It's a beautiful day, the sun shines bright.

No wind does blow, not a cloud in sight.

The summer holidays are now in full flow.

4 weeks off school and still 2 more to go!


But something is missing, not quite there.

No sound of children's laughter to fill the air.

No splashing sounds of paddling pool fun.

No ice creams melting under the warm sun.


Because when I was ...

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Man Flu

We look for sympathy but we always fail.
Yet trials on mice have proved my tale.
'Man flu' exists, I've checked it out online.
And Google never lies, well not this time!

Woman of course will dispute this claim.
And will argue that flu has no such strain.
But tell that to the mice, tell that to me.
Look at me suffering, what do you see?

Symptoms shared by men in the same boat.

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The Garden

Today, in the warm July sunshine.

I visited an old junior school of mine.

Within its grounds I stood before.

A  tribute plaque at a gardens door.


A plaque carved from darkened stone.

For the 96 who never came home.

In this garden I saw love and care .

A garden to reflect, to say a prayer.


A place of peace, somewhere to go.

To watch the flowers sway and blow.


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Playful Day

Today I've been the doctor, a patient and a nurse.

I've been a funny bunny, and I've read some 

children's verse.

I've also took my turn to sit in the dentist's chair.

Then I was a hairdresser and cut my daughters hair.

I wanted to hear some Bolan, but played nursery

rhymes instead.

Then we searched for the cat, who was hiding under

the bed,

But then I got a little tired...

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Here's a little tale about sadness, we all know what that means.

It makes every day a dark one, and it eats away at your dreams.

My heart is heavy with sadness, I don't think it can hold anymore.

I wonder to myself sometimes, maybe that's all our hearts are for.


Is there anybody out there to help me, or at least listen to my plea.

Could somebody gather up my sadness and take it...

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Hillsborough Dads (a Fathers Day poem)

Another Fathers Day without you, another sad Fathers Day.
Twenty seven years now since Hillsborough took you away.
Where do I send my love this year, Heaven’s my usual choice.
I’ll send my love through God as I’m sure he hears my voice.


Twenty seven years is a long time for somebody special to miss.
That’s far too long a time without giving your Dad a kiss. 
I love you everyday D...

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Lady Luck

A casino night out, more chips to buy.

Tonight she hopes the stakes are high.

So much money to be lost or made.

All down to Lady Luck, Clubs or Spade.


The roll of a dice, the spin of a wheel.

So much excitement in the air to feel.

But when the stress takes over the fun.

It's time the evening was over and done.


When the machines are refusing to pay.

I know it's ...

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In todays world so instant and swift.

We seem to be losing the patience gift.

We hate to wait, line up and queue.

Red lights we curse, even amber too!


We order food, we demand it quick.

Everything we want at a fingers click.

It's a Christian virtue, one of seven.

A virtue they say rewarded in Heaven.


'Things may come to those who wait'

That Lincoln quote, seems...

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Winter Chill


Upon me the years have slowly crept.
I long for the times when less I wept.
Oh for those days of my children young.
To all those memories I've forever clung.

Many years passed by,no warning I saw.
Summer had changed into a Winter raw.
People had moved on but I stood still.
I'm now trapped alone in this Winter chill

So I stumble along into a future unsure.
I threw happiness away, once...

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The Decaying Picture of Justice

A picture hidden away in an attic, forever under lock and key.

A picture that is festering away, one only the devil can see.

A picture now so decayed, secured behind chains and bars.

A picture taken of corruption, showing its full history of scars.


A picture now 27 years old, a picture that shows many faces.

It's a picture awash with lies, told in many different places.

The ...

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Concorde (for Muhammad Ali)

Concorde no longer takes to the air.
Other jets fly, but they cause no stare.
Something like that, not easy to replace.
You where that Concorde, stacked with grace.

But time moves on and still we fly.
But something is missing from the sky.
A thing of beauty a work of art.
You where that Concorde,a class apart.

Once Concorde's time was over and done.
Never again to outshine the sun.
The s...

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I Walk The Streets

I walk the streets, danger I see.
Hope tonight God looks after me.
Desperate, nowhere else to turn.
I walk the streets, a living to earn.

Mouths to feed and a habit too.
A broken past, left black and blue.
I get looks of hate, dirt and sneer.
These streets I walk, I walk in fear.

With envy I see other girls pass by.
To be just like them so hard I try.
A car pulls up under the dim light.

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