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5 Years

5 years without you, 5 years crying.
I've tried to move on, 5 years trying.
5 years of regret, full of self blame.
5 years of loneliness and all its pain.

5 years of pretence, of self doubt.
Into hiding I've been if love was about.
5 years on, where do I go from here?
5 more years of the same is my fear.

5 years of dreams of how things were.
Why didn't I show you love and care?
5 years o...

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When The Breezes Come

When breezes come and make branches shake.
When the snow leans on twigs until they break.
The colourful decorations will still shine through.
Because this tree is special, Robins think so too!

Other trees in the world maybe steeped in fame.
The Hardy Tree and The Hyperion just 2 to name
The Major Oak, in which Robin Hood would hide.
The Sunland  Baobab, which has a little bar inside!

The G...

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The Non Badge Holder...'Blue Badge Limp'

People think they have it off to a tee!
But a laughing stock they are to see.
A few variations, all with the one aim.
With added 'winces' part of fake pain.

It's not hard to master, their little trick.
To look unbalanced, in need of a stick.
To appear a little shaky, mobility poor.
They 'struggle' from car to shop door.

A couple of 'limps' for an added effect.
Fooling nobody with their no...

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The Snowman

If we get heavy snow and not just rain.
Build a little snowman in Bobby's name.
Don't forget to give it a cheeky like grin!
That'll remind people it was built for him.

Build the greatest snowman in the land!
Get all your best mates to lend a hand.
A snowman who’ll be Bobby’s namesake.
Deserves to be special, every last flake.

Around his neck wrap an Everton scarf.
Tie it with love on ...

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The Traffic Memorial

A bronze Teddy bear rests at its base.
A little child's doll looks forlorn in face.
Sitting in all weathers, patiently to wait.
A doll who's missing her little playmate.

I see a victims discarded walking cane.
Another life lost, another buried name.
2 fingers on a wrist watch frozen in time.
A set of keys lie beside this 'traffic sign'

A pair of glasses, smashed on contact.
A lonely crumb...

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Winter Time

A wheelchair can't compete with 2 strong feet. 

So watch where you park in snow, ice or sleet.

Don't go stealing what doesn't belong to you.

In poor Winter weather this is particularly true


Don't be a lazy driver, no excuse, no 'ifs or but'

You can manage in slippy conditions underfoot.

Consider those for whom that's not the case.

So don't encroach or steal a blue badge s...

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Magical Days

I'm very much the nostalgic sort.
In the past I seem to be caught.
Looking back to my girls at play.
I have those thoughts every day.

Magical days of children young.
When every night lullabies sung.
I loved those times so very much.
Now days lack that magic touch.

Children get older, course they do.
I love them as much, that is true.
Still proud to be their loving Dad.
Just miss the bes...

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Let's Be Each Other

Do you fancy a swap, a barter or deal.
Maybe some arrangement we can seal.
Stole my space, do you want to be me?
Do you think I'm lucky as I park for free?

Do you crave a blue badge in your name?
Do you want to swap well being for pain?
Maybe we should even go the whole way.
Let's be each other, and try that for a day.

Try my wheelchair for size, be my guest.
I can be you, with perfect he...

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The Robin

A Robin sits on roses blue.
A special sign just for you.
That Robin never flew away.
He was special for today.

A promise heard up above.
A sign to send, one of love.
That sign was duly sent.
By your side, time he spent.

Every Robin that you see.
Flying up high tree to tree.
Think of them time to time.
Might one be a special sign?

Signs like that must be true.
That Robin had a job to d...

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I made a real mess of that goodbye.

As I didn't want you to see me cry.

So I rushed all my words, I had to go.

Didn't want you to see my tears flow.

If only that was a time I could repeat.

I would say it different, make it sweet.

I'd be risking what you thought of me.

More than just a friend I longed to be.

But the world's full of love hidden deep.

So what's one more lit...

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Feeling Blessed

I see a little Robin looking down at me.
He's playing hide and seek from a tree.
And he's took away that November rain.
And just like last time, eased my pain.

Thank you Robin, my Robin red breast.
The sun now shines, I'm feeling blessed.
I know it's a sign when all said and done.
See you next time, my loving little son.

Farewell as you take to the now blue sky.
I know this won't be our l...

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Bobby's Light

Every October look up to the sky.
With telescope or just naked eye.
A meteor shower you might see.
A spectacular display it could be.
If the wind blows all clouds away.
And cloudless the night can stay
Then it will be an awesome sight.
A dazzling show through the night
But don't be fooled, easily misled.
If you see lights, blue, green or red.
They may be radiant, that's no lie.
As they ...

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Now The Question

Where's all the excitement gone?
Where's the passion, I see none.
Idle chit chat, no sweet pillow talk.
No more parks for our daily walk.
No more phone calls in lovers tone.
Reasons all gone to rush on home.
I hate what time can erode and kill.
It has power to ruin your life at will.
So now the question, a familiar one.
Is now the time that we moved on?

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40 Years Ago

Many years ago, 17 years of age. 

I stood before that Pavilion stage.

A stage engulfed in Dragon haze.

Amidst the smoke a Gibson plays.


And l'll never forget sound or sight.

Of that special New Brighton night.

A life changing night it was for me.

It changed my life, my future to be.


Across the river, I sailed back home.

The February air was cold as stone.


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Think of the danger, consider the shame.
A day spent in Court, one tarnished name.
Money's no excuse for a cab not to call.
In both cases there's just no excuse at all.
And I don't care the colour of your shirt.
I care for other road users you could hurt.
Tragic outcomes I've seen time after time.
When selfish people commit such a crime.
If a hero to the young there's a role to play .

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Across The Miles

I see the bright Sun, but feel no heat.
The Oceans roll on beneath my feet.
Not sure where I'm supposed to go.
A 'better' day followed by one so low.

Each day I see skies of Summer blue.
I see happy faces, when a tear is due.
Please stay strong bruv night and day.
Wish I could be closer, not so far away.

But across the miles, and seas of blue.
Each day your family is thinking of you.

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A Feather To Drift

If you see a white feather floating by.
Coming from nowhere out of the sky.
Down from Heaven a feather to drift.
An Angel is nearby, a loved ones gift.

Into the face of a child a feather blew.
Down from above, from an Angel new.
A sign to show he will always be there.
A sign from Bradley he's in Gods care.

As tributes adorn the Stadium of Light.
Bradley sent comfort in a feather white.

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The 'Magic Money Tree'

As a Country we have been conned.
Just like magic, a wave of the wand.
Behind magic mirrors, a cheap trick.
Out of nowhere, through smoke thick.

Out of thin air, suddenly there to see.
Teresa May has found a 'money tree'
Great timing for the DUP it was found.
On its branches over a billion pound.

This money tree must reach the sky.
A money tree means 10 votes to buy.
Nothing left on the ...

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Snared Rats

And so the day has finally come.
When justice may at last be done.
I had my doubts, hopes been low.
Dashed by many a liar in full flow.

6 people will have charges to face.
6 snared rats no longer to chase.
The CPS are looking at another 2.
Though a total of 8 is still  too few.

Many have escaped court and trial.
The culprits we know despite denial.
Now the courts must see it through.

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The Butterfly

A tiny butterfly who never flew.
Never saw the sun as others do.
Never made kids stop and stare.
This butterfly now in God's care.

A special butterfly for girl or boy.
A symbol of colour, one of joy.
And one of change they also say.
A sign of a soul, for which I pray.

Awoken and now it's ready to fly.
But fluttering it won't be in the sky.
God calls the butterfly from its bed.
Its w...

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'Mates Rate'

Tory policy, sell off parts of our State.
Served up cheap on a Tory blue plate.
While so many backs are to the wall.
The Tories profit as most wages fall.

Land, Companies, even Plasma too.
What won't they offer to a Tory queue?
If to the Tory party you kindly donate.
A bargain could be yours at 'mates rate'

Our NHS service will continue to shrink.
Chunks coldly signed off in blood red ink...

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The River Styx

A coin placed in my mouth to pay the fare.
The ferryman's eyes are a fearsome stare.
Rich or poor the coin would be the same.
Wealth has no meaning in this new domain.

Across the Styx he tackles twists and flow.
Between the worlds Charon's boat will go.
The unburied, or those without fare to pay.
Would walk lonely lands forever and a day.

Sullen souls into the waters would be cast.
Into t...

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Sleeping Dogs

My first Fathers Day card I bought today.
Although I am a grown man, I have to say.
You see my Father died a long time ago.
Where he was buried, I never got to know.

In darkness I was left as a boy and youth.
So I grew up never quite knowing the truth.
It's a story long, with many holes left to fill.
I was a puzzled boy and I'm left puzzled still.

Many questions unanswered from my past.

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My Life Beneath The Sea

In my lovely home of colours bright.
There's no such thing as day or night.
There's a dusty bed beneath my feet.
Where some of my friends take a seat.

I'll never see the sun, the rain or sky.
And I've never seen birds circle or fly.
Can't say I've ever seen a rainbow too.
As my world has such a different view.

But beautiful valleys we have on show.
Where untouched waters ebb and flow.

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Left Behind

Most of them are just social climbers.
Most of them are just pocket liners.
Whatever colour there rosettes glow.
I lost my trust in most along time ago

Be them centre ground, far left or right.
They serve themselves day and night.
The decent ones few and far between.
The rest may as well be one big team.

Just in it for themselves so often I find.
While 'the man in street' is left behind...

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Dark Day

Strap an army rifle to your back.
Face your foes when you attack.
Basking in glory you hope to glow.
But in reality, only to Hell you'll go.
Another dark day added to our list.
22 Angels in Heaven been kissed.
Where's the sense,I see none at all.
Where's the soldier, proud and tall.
And today to God I offer my prayer.
For all those victims now in his care.

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Eternal Flames

For only one place you are fit.
And all the fires they will be lit.
Even your name causes a chill.
It always has and it always will.
Pure evil ran through your soul.
Sadistic kicks, your only goal.
Burn forever in your lonely hell.
Rot with Myra and all who fell.
Hated forever, those 2 names.
Now together in eternal flames.

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Heaven Scene

In this special place a tree I see.

Beneath its leaves a crest of EFC.

Behind the tree a little boy peeps.

In Heaven now he peacefully sleeps.

Little teddies sit at the trees base.

Hearts of red they warmly embrace.

The bright sun leans upon a cloud.

It tells the world tears are allowed.

Willowy, wispy sky, calm and serene.

Beautiful, just like a Heaven scene.


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from a new book dedicated to Bobby Colleran.

May Day (Liverpool 2017)

I listen to this May Day shout.
'Tories, Tories... out, out out!
Save our Countries failing NHS.
Tories voted out, yes, yes yes!

If your rosette is of Tory blue.
Please explain the trolley queue.
The trollys that line up in A&E's
Worn out staff, on their knees.

I listen to the loud drum beats.
As marchers take to the streets.
I listen to the whistles and flutes.
I see the flags, our...

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Cowards, who can't look victims in the eye.
No uniform, no trench no battle ground cry.
Don't have the courage to fight toe to toe.
No ribbon, no braid no gold medals to show.
No man to man combat, no 1,000 yard stare.
The victims they choose, they have no care.
Make weapons of cars, to destruct and to kill.
No honour, no respect no regiment or drill.
And we'll never forget as tonight we m...

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Place a little pebble in your hand.
Throw it in a pond and watch it land.
Then watch the ripples slowly form.
Small waves of water, nature born.

To the water's edge the ripples flow.
Until they find there's no place to go.
A ripple effect from one small stone.
Not only in water is this effect known.

It happens too beyond pond and lake.
A broken heart can lead others to ache.
Flowing tear...

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Bobby's Tree

Jump into my car and come with me.
We'll take a little trip to Bobby's tree.
We can talk about Bobby on the way.
The boy so lovingly missed every day.

Bobby Colleran, a city's heart he broke.
Because scousers are that kind of folk.
We never, ever forget such a tragic time.
That's why I'm proud of this city of mine.

Now at the tree a cold wind does blow.
A blue plastic windmill twirls to a...

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