Something Has To Give

No intimacy anymore what does that mean?
I feel lonely, depressed with no self esteem.
Whatever happened, from lover to flat mate?
I've been patient so long, how long can I wait?

I respect your wishes, but I can't figure it out.
I'm left frustrated, confused full of self doubt.
I have been faithful and loyal, I will to the end.
But I just don't understand, why lover to friend?

Hard words to write, not sure if I should share.
But I think I'm looking for some help out there.
What's not important to you, seems it is to me.
How much longer can we let our feelings be?

I feel undesirable, embarrassed, tired and low.
I hate to bring it up, because it annoys you so.
So my emotions build up, this is no way to live.
I still love you loads...but something has to give.

◄ Stop Yer Talkin n Start Yer Walkin! ( Mental Health Day Fund Raiser 10/10/2020)

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Sun 11th Oct 2020 17:19

Heartbreaking poem that is more common than you may realize. Growing apart often happens slowly over the years without much warning. Thankfully, we have writing as a release. Write on! 🖤

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