Puppet Masters

Get back in your boxes, you can't go to the match.
Keep away from others, there's a virus you can catch.
Keep away from family and friends, hide yourself away.
An out of control deadly virus, wants your life today'.

'Don't travel unless vital, we urge you to stay at home.
Avoid the world if you can, you'll be much safer alone.
Personal contact is not advised, hugs, kisses and such.
Live in a virtual Zoom world, is it so important to touch'.

'We don't aim to scare, so don't take fear to your bed.
Please try and follow all the conflicting things we've said.
Do you like our buzz words, 'Bubbles' 'Tiers' 'Rule of 6'?
Ignore the 'conspiracy theorists' up to their usual tricks'.

'We hope you don't think our measures are too extreme.
'We are in this together'...well up to a point we mean!
So thank goodness for broadband, face time and 5G.
They'll make your isolation more bearable until set free.

'Oh, something just occurred, it never crossed our mind.
You don't own such devices, the modern age declined!
We forgot about such people, or those short of wealth.
So we hope self isolation don't affect your mental health'.

'If your business goes bust, please don't sulk or complain.
We do understand that your life will never be the same.
Well, when we say 'understand' that's not precisely true.
Here in Ivory Towers, it's hard to relate to the likes of you'.

'Carry on doing as you're told, don't ask questions and so.
When your puppet masters are done, we'll let you know.
By then of course for some, that might too late in the day.
Depression, poverty, loneliness, will have eaten them away'.


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