Here's to Soul- the delicate and dreamer
Here's to Body- the Intelligent and forgiving
Here's to Tear- the vast and nourishing
Here's to Heart- the constant and wise
Here's to Eyeball- the beauteous believer
Here's to Palm- the giver
Here's to Nose- the blind sear
Here's to Lips- the traitorous sugary Sirens
Here's to Tongue- the advocate of Brain and Ear
Here's to Ear- open minded though eclectic- surrendering only to tender wooing and sweet talk
Here's to Brain- the mad, somnambulent and thirsty
Here's to Humanity- the regularly extraordinary!
Here's to You- tear conjurer, heartbreaking daydream, ensnaringly sensational, forgetfully omniscient, unfettered doer and maker, tender and understatedly brilliant, God, madly coveted, enchanting, the Sine Qua Non.
Here's to Me- Yours. Truly.

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Mae Foreman

Tue 7th Apr 2020 08:57

I haven't? Oh well! Thank you Don!


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Don Matthews

Tue 7th Apr 2020 00:30

Good heavens! you've returned from the grave. And you haven't changed a bit....


Nice use of words here Mae

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