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An Orderly Woman

An Orderly Woman


Every week was planned

with every day given an allotted task

She was indeed a creature of habit

always dressed according to the job in hand

Mondays were spent enwrapped

amongst sheets, dresses and underwear

Soap powder, dolly blue and the Burco boiler

and soon the garden lines became like bunting

Tuesdays she stood before the ironing board


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A Royal Box

A Royal Box


I found myself sitting at the entrance to a cave

it might once have been an aboriginal grave

I sat high above the surrounding landscape

far below in a verdant valley lay a distant lake


I could not see above where I sat alone

it was a natural not a man made home

The cave was deep and eerily dark

and in the mountains I could hear a dog bark


No on...

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A Living Creation

A Living Creation


I swam out until I could swim no more

then I turned and saw the distant shore

I floated on gently rippling waves

above a deep, dark watery grave

I looked toward the beach of sand

and the towering immensity of land

Further out and beyond my reach

lay another far off beach

An island rising above the sea

perhaps my destination to be


I remai...

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The Numinous

The Numinous


From my earliest recollections

without knowledge or instruction

I was forever aware of the numinous

There was always the other there and close

more powerful, silent and strong

I could not feel truly alone

as this invisible companion created a presence

In those days the popular cry was

There is no God

I could not echo this refrain

I knew differentl...

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He waits for me

as I wait for Him

We never lose touch

the lines remain unbroken

He waits for me

for He knows the hour

Our tryst is often silent

unspoken words are exchanged

Sometimes I am audible

His words are deep and subdued

I express myself badly

stymied by language

He has a silent eloquence

with clarity and succinct

We have come to know


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He is......

He is.....


He is all about us

and within our very being

He dwells in the soul of every person

He speaks to us

if only we listen

Look closely at the 

next bird you see

Watch the waves 

as they reach the shore

Or the mountains

which soar above us

Least of all the uniqueness 

of all we behold

Then you will see

life and beauty all about us

A reflect...

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People everywhere are becoming fearful

distrustful of others, even of those who are close

The world is filled with dread

communities have become fragmented

The tree of life has been ravaged

fruit, leaves and branches lay scattered

Only the trunk remains with its bark stripped

many have withdrawn into their personal hermitages

Loved ones offer some sense of s...

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The Two Valleys

The Two Valleys


Two valleys separated by a mountain range

only a tortuous track joined the two

One valley was verdant with many springs

the other quite arid with sparse vegetation

The valley of aridity was a maze of industry

factories abounded, people wore military attire

Soldiers goose stepped to military bands

as leaders took the salute and waved gleefully


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I have always felt a sense of disconnectedness

a part of everything but strangely separate

I feel encased in my being and body

of a different mind with a unique spirit

Kith and kin are supposedly closer than most

but I share so little with them save blood ties

I am alone, I am completely solitary

no one can see or understand as I do

Alienation and isolati...

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My heart breaks

as tears roll down my cheeks

My equilibrium is disturbed

as my emtions are raw

I am inconsolable

Humanity is enigmatic

it is almost intolerable


Artillery targets a town

shells fall on hospitals and schools

Many are killed or wounded

Little Karim Abdel Rahman

was two months old

Shrapnel is embedded in his skull

he has lost ...

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Night descends in a gown of silence

as does my solitary confinement

for then I am alone and abandoned

fearful of phantoms to haunt my soul

Nothing is within my grasp

my sentence will endure until dawn

Now the night plays its games

it taunts, tempts and induces fear

No lock or chain hold me fast

only a thicket of the unkown

Perils lurk hidden but clos...

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