Poetry Blog by keith jeffries (2018)

The Inner Sprawl

The Inner Sprawl


A morass wallowing in its own destiny

faces of anguish,vacant, lost in a 

conundrum of terrestial confusion

Eagerly in pursuit and pursued

driven by all that should be detested

yet now set upon a pedestal of glory

A beggar with dog of adoring eyes

blue smoke wafts his presence to passers by

Some ignore to rush with bated breath

others bewildered ...

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Beneath a calm or stormy sea

raging currents ply their nefarious force

swirling torrents capture the unsuspecting

in watery talons to carry off their victims

into the profound depths of lugubrious darkness


Into an abyss no no recovery

violence is their hallmark 

deceit beneath their calling card

for a destiny of doom in a watery sepulchre

Such ...

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The Banks only have to shout

and the Government give them a bail out

Institutions of incessant greed

take money from those in need

They operate under their own licence

to ensure their own existence

Customers have become pound signs

as we live in such mercenary times

Once before the cashier I had a name

now an eight digit number is the same

Personal servi...

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Nocturnal Incarceration

Nocturnal Incarceration


Days of insipid light offer only abandoned hope

night fall is an avalanche of the deepest hue

Street lights offer not even a shadow

they stand as pylons bereft of any purpose

All is within a world of the broken spirit

daunted by pessimistic glee from a deeper void

Fleeting shadows drone about the hazy gloom

the horizon has surrended herself to t...

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The Non Event

The Non Event


Fire hackers and christmas crackers

green and red sprouting baubles of silver and gold

glistening, sparkling an alluring fallacy

A deception as icy as a frozen bucket

tinsle ties its heavenly knots and children sleep in their cots

Whiskers white with red delight

a shining nose to lead us astray

A sham of a reality brought low

as the gathering in of wea...

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