Homeward Bound

Homeward Bound


A simple wooden boat glides

across a sea of immense tranquility

No engine or sail to propel her forward

only a gentle movement to traverse

I am a solitary figure

on an empty open deck

Ahead lies the promontory of 

a land which is the horizon before us

with a setting sun behind

Closer I see the silhouettes

of people waving a loft

They beckon f...

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She won´t come outside the house

steadfastly refuses any encouragement

Not for a walk or breath of air

no explanation is offered

an inexplicable mood

of self pity or guilt for past wrongs

Days have gone by, weeks in fact

not even a front door appearance

The flower has wilted

receeded, refusing to be watered

A pallid complexion of inner pain

wearing ...

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Self Imposed

Self Imposed


You were exiled from your reality

imprisoned in a self created womb

It became your jealous existence

your only means for survival

A dual performance for all

but a withdrawl into the wings

A cave of self created fantasy

rich in bizarre imagination

for there was no audience

You kept a glimmer of light

a ray of constancy in hope

A waiting room for...

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The Aftermath

The Aftermath


We do not see the aftermath

carnage and horror concealed

Anguish and pain hidden from view

such violence is incomprehensible

Momentarily the face of evil is visible

Images and wounds that never do assuage

flashing lights, a chorus of sirens

People in panic take flight

acts of heroism impelled to the fore

Shouts and screams, an echo of horror

a ca...

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Gender Enjoyment

Gender Enjoyment


I take delight in the intricate sight

of a lady preparing herself for a social night

Every ounce of femininity is lavished

in order to be absolutely ravished

Hair is given the highest attention

with cosmetics which defy inspection

Jewellery is then chosen to adorn

with a dress or outfit newly worn

Every part of her mortal frame

is given the best ...

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Whether it rains or shines

there seems no reason or season

for how I come to greet a day

Often surly and downcast

lacking in energy or any real zeal

a dull lack lustre feel, a vacant stare

Stagnant and bereft of any seed of inspiration

introspective and just tired of it all

Was it something I ate the night before

or a film I saw or book I read?

Was I dis...

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Sir Winston S Churchill

Sir Winston S Churchill


Of small stature and odd in shape

he never once did our attention escape

A statesman bold and forthright

he held high the sceptre of right

A orator of incomparable eloquence

which few others could ever silence

A politician adroit and adept

a man of compassion who easily wept

With pen and ink he enriched each page

a master of brush and canv...

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Sheeple are a common breed or herd

forming the greater part of humanity´s resevoir

They flock to the latest craze

and will do what anyone says

Incapable of original thought

they go in search of a Shepherd to follow

The unscrupulous see them coming

and welcome them into the fold

Sheeple are really people in disguise

wearing the garb of conformity and willi...

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The Eyes

The Eyes


The eyes are the windows on the soul

they are like two open watery bowls

In their depths they can conceal all

but without a murmur or word they can call


Sadness is protrayed in their gaze

as if some veneer comes to over glaze

Joy lightens up their gift of sight

with forcefulness comes their shrewdness of might


When the heart is in grief the eyes c...

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Hold onto Power

Hold onto Power


Up until the final daunting hour

dictators will hold on to their vestige of power

It is only around the next bend

when they will meet their deserved end


Before they are ready to go

what they reaped they will sow

Their legacy is the result of evil

and those left suffer only upheaval


They have sat for long in their Ivory Tower

ruling with ...

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The Formative Years

The Formative Years


Those early days were precious indeed

although I was unaware of this

I was inquisitive and observant

with an analytical and retentive memory

I possessed an open mind from the outset

and nurtured this against prejudice

I listened and watched with interest

and in particular to older voices

These from experience transmitted their wisdom

from whic...

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Justice & Peace

Justice & Peace


Calamity and tragedy co exist

with the ageist, racist and the sexist

Everyone with an axe to grind

and don´t care what others mind


Self centeredness and selfishness

no one really does care less

there are those who champion a futile cause

whilst others stockpile and prepare for war


Money and power motivates so many

as others keep and coun...

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Another Place

Another Place


I long to be in another place

away from this barren and arid space

Somewhere quiet and very remote

where the music plays a different note

Times of solitude I would relish

but occasionally a lover to cherish

This must sound like the absolute ideal

yet we all know it is wholly unreal


In this world of excess and stress

we live for moments to touch...

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Men and women occasionally arrive

as we are unaware of their approach

Their appearance belies their identity

an automatic bond is soon established

A relationship which is not tangible

or at best inexplicable

It lies in a deep unspoken place

which emits echoes into a mutual space


A bond, a link, maybe a touch

words then gestures do soon affirm


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The Steamroller

The Steamroller


When I retired from working life

I climbed aboard a huge steamroller

a vehicle which I had never before driven

At first fearful of its size and power

I engaged the lowest gear

Steadily forward I did drive

with each mile confidence grew

Why might one ask such an enterprise

when most who are retired don´t want to drive


My steamroller had waited...

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The Season for Love

The Season for Love


Spring is the most auspicious

as new life breaks forth

and passions stir

A resurgence of sorts

a reawakening of dormant desire

reappears on a fertile plain

The candle of ardour is lit

a welcome speaks out

renewed longings murmur love

Lust shakes off the dust

passion boils to the brim

the need to be satiated overflows

It takes a route ...

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The Wind

The Wind


From where does it come

to where does it go?

From where does this energy flow?

a gentle breeze to cool the day

can scatter everything in its way

With a sudden violent gust 

it whips up all the dirt and dust

Then it meanders and swirls

and about turns and twirls

Sometimes a powerful and destructive force

but from where is its limitless source?

When ...

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Two Voices

Two Voices


We are together and united

We stand shoulder to shoulder

They will not divide us

We will fight hate with love

They will not take away our freedom

or our way of life

This is an assault on our Democracy

Doves are let loose in flocks

People light candles

Floral tribues are laid

Communities come together with one voice

the voice of love, tolerance an...

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A Different War

A Different War


When the Germans attacked London City

they did so without an ounce of pity

Hundreds of bombers came every night

with our guns putting up a damned good fight

The population went for cover underground

as the bombs and guns made their awful sound

When the raiders returned to their home

the people struggled through the wreckage searching for their own


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A New Vocabulary

A New Vocabulary


New Words evolve every day

as people find new things to say

I now have friends who are considered virtual

and I´m told the police neutralise in total

any terrorist considered to be local

After this the event goes viral

and the language does readily spiral

The English Language so very rich

seems to have been thrown into a ditch

I could happily neu...

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The Barrack Room

The Barrack Room


Twenty two men each with his own space

was a complete microcosm of the human race

We came from north, south, east and west

and not one of us was considered the best

One guy loved the art of calligraphy

whilst another was devoted to hard pornography

Giles was forever reading the Times

whilst I tried to make my poems rhyme

There was no north and south...

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Motorbike and Sidecar

Motorbike and Sidecar


Before we could afford to buy a car

we seldom travelled very far

The motorbike and sidecar was for us

a darn sight cheaper than the bus

It was cold, noisy, windy and wet

but it was all my father could get

My mother sat in the front

as I was wedged in like a runt

My father wore an army coat and goggles

to this day the whole mind boggles


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When it is over...

When it is over...


When our spirits have left this place

and eartly cares do cease

A new dimension will appear

on a distant horizon far from here

The toil and tribulation will be over

as a new page is finally turned over

What lies in store is yet unkown

and not ours to own

The shores will be rich in sand

to herald a new and beautiful land

There we will find jo...

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The Joys of a Technophobe

The Joys of a Technophobe


I have some difficulty with computers

as do many parents with their daughters

A technophobe is what I am

but really this is a bit of a sham

Although I struggle with most devices

I appreciate the fullest of advances

Sitting before my home computer

there is a world for me to seek after

At the press of a key I am in a Concert Hall

a few min...

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A Hermitage

A Hermitage


Solitiude speaks of a need from within and without

from the depths of our inner being

and from a world which unfolds about us

These yearn to be brought together in solitude 

to a retreat into the desert landscapes

for it is here where the recluse is to be found

unfettered by distractions and others

Luxury is not needed here

basic food and drink for body ...

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Election Time again

Election Time again


A Jaguar outside graced our road

where my Nan had her abode

The Tory Candidate did then knock

and my Nan let loose the door lock


Are you coming to vote today

in his finery he had come to say

My Nan replied yes but a little later

as she would first like to read the paper


A Ford Cortina pulled up outside

the Labour Candidate said come ...

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The Russians came to Tea

The Russians came to Tea


From behind the Iron Curtain

they came to tea for certain

Serge and Elena for sure

but feeling a little insecure

We were told they would be nervous

but they seemed quite impervious

They beamed comradely smiles

as they had travelled several miles

We avoided the International Situation

and steadfastly the Crimea did not mention

They brou...

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